Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gray Hair Representative

Corporations do not really have room for comfort. So my comfort days are over, at least for this year.
Instead of sneakers and khakis I have to wear black pumps that kill my feet and polyester/silk blends that don't allow my skin to breathe. Instead of getting my daily walk, I am standing behind a counter helping people with spending their money like they grow it in their backyard. Instead of being behind the scenes I am working up front.

One good thing came out of this change in my job. I am learning how much people still have to learn.

A father of three kids wanted me to help him decide whether he should get a five hundred dollar winter jacket or a diamond teddy bear pendant for his daughter who is in Junior High School. I showed him different options within his budget of five hundred dollars for each of his kids and two thousand dollar budget for his wife. I thought that it was very generous of him. After he spent close to three thousand dollars and got free gift boxes he was really happy. He also got a free wreath as he had spent so much money.

My next customer started whispering things that I really did not want to hear. I did understand her point though. So I just said, "When it comes to parenting, we are all work in progress."

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

  HAPPY THANKSGIVING  to my family, my friends, my blogger friends, my neighbours, my coworkers and my bosses. I hope everyone's wishes come true.

Drive carefully everyone and stay safe.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elite go green - - -

Recycled Juice Label Small Tote Bag- Assorted Colors (9.5We saw this tote bag in Barnes and Noble today. It looked interesting to me, so I went close and looked at it. This is made from empty juice boxes that were recycled. I was really tempted to buy it and it took a lot of strength to stop myself. I found the price to be a little steep for a tote bag. I mean, my mom always sewed tote bags, from gabardine pants that my brothers wore out in the knees. We used those to buy dry groceries. Plastic bags for carrying groceries was a foreign concept to me when we moved from India to New York State in 1974. I wanted to take those bags back to buy groceries in them, but I was told that it looks cheap. So instead, I started using them as liners for small garbage cans in our rooms. We were still buying the big hefty bags for the kitchen and for leaves. Then somewhere in the eighties, supermarkets started giving back 2 cents per bag we used over again. Still my friends told me that we get looks from the packers if we brought our own bags. So I felt ashamed. So we all went with the flow and hardly recycled anything until almost the end of last century, when we started bringing our own bags. Now why did I go with the flow? Fear of looking cheap?

Last time when my son came home from Hawaii, I told him how I am a closet environmentalist as I washed and saved plastic forks. He laughed and said that everyone is into recycling, I do not have to be ashamed any more.

Would I listen to myself ? Now why did I feel ashamed to recycle when I come from a place where recycling is the way of life? We left India to make a better life. Does it mean that we start copying the elite ? Well, who are the elite? I would not know.

The snowstorm of last month left us without power for forty hours. Then there were people without power even up to a week. So a lot of people went to hotels, but some hotels and businesses did not have a working generator. People were forced to do without refrigeration and hot coffee and even heat. They had to make use of blankets and live minimally. Then they realized how difficult it is to do without resources. Now just about everyone, especially the elite, is trying to be careful with hot water and heat and electricity. 

How often do we need storms like these?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Gift Of Gardening Experience

 These were grown in Orange County New York.  However kids in Junior High and High School in Texas will not be able to complete their garden that started growing.  Thanks to Donors Choose program a lot of kids throughout the United States are able to work at projects or receive necessary equipment their school would not be able to provide. This year in spite of getting help, from Donors Choose Program, Texas kids are not able to enjoy the harvest of their hard work. Please help if you can. I am sure they will appreciate a lot.

Here is the link if you would like to help.