Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I have been thinking about writing a post for mother's day for the last couple of days in case I had to work today (which I did). I kept postponing and now I feel bad that I did not wish Happy Mother's Day. I guess the day is still light enough, at least here in New York, to send my wishes. So Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and their children and their children's dads.

I met a dad of a six-year-old girl today. He said that he lost his wife last year and this year he took his daughter to his church to meet with a support group for children who have lost their mothers. When I told him that I was very sorry, he said that as much as he is missing his wife, he has to be strong for his daughter. Another co-worker said that little boys and girls imagine that their parents sometimes fly by them like butterflies when they were told that they are in heaven. Listening to sad stories left a very strange sensation . I came to an understanding that we take a lot for granted. I would like to give a tribute to a mother who is helping her daughter who is a cancer patient and to the daughter who herself is a mother of a fourteen year old boy.

When anyone wishes me a happy mother's day I wish them and their entire family a happy mother's day. Another mother that I know whom I really admire is a lady who raised her son and her daughter by herself after her husband died in the line of duty. She said that she never could bring an outsider in her family no matter how much her friends and family members told her that she was too young to live a widow's life. She says that whether it is a father's day or mother's day wish everyone a healthy and happy life with the entire family.