Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Prayer

                                                           Harvest Spice Bouquet™          

  I feel kind of funny writing a post about Thanksgiving Prayers while it is snowing outside the window like it is January already. It has snowed in November quite a few times in the past, but for some reason I feel that we have been robbed off of Autumn. It could be because the mall managers have decided to let Santa Claus come in the week after Halloween or it could be because we have started seeing Holiday ads on the television . Actually a lot of decor items from October colors have been marked down to clearance prices. So it is not that expensive to set the table for Thanksgiving. I guess I do not have any reason for complaining about time rushing us and making us edgy. I simply wish that we start being a little less fussy about holidays anyway. I remember going all out and shopping until the last minute to make sure that I had every single detail taken care of. I feel that I should not  have to do that any more. My husband thinks that if I feel this way I should be the one to talk and let my family members (and friends) know that I am going to resort to just one entree( or two)  and one desert and maybe salad and other vegetables. Sure, people might snicker and gossip but if we care about each other it is best to make it simple for everyone. This is one of my prayers. Simplicity and care. Why wait until we become frail. This way the transition into senior life will be a little easy.

 I am also praying that my family, my friends, my blogger friends and my neighbors stay happy and healthy. I am thankful that I get to read wonderful blog posts while I am hardly writing. I may not have commented a lot but I do enjoy the funnies and appreciate fine writing. I am thankful that people read my posts and I do welcome and thank new readers and new writers.  

I am also praying that everyone else around the world get to improve their lives  and have hope and love. Amen.