Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What do we do?

Air FreshenerProduct DetailsOne of the young men who works in the store (that I often visit on assignments) came back after being hospitalized for a week. I asked his mom about his hospitalization and she said that he was hospitalized for burns on his chest and his arms and neck. I asked for the details and it turns out that the fire was an accident that happened in his kitchen. He had just finished cooking and wanted to get rid of the smell in the kitchen and tried to use an air freshener. The spray was jammed and it would not spray so he tossed that spray can in the garbage. Then he realized that putting an aerosol can full of liquid in the garbage is not good for the environment.  So he took a screw driver and tried to puncture a hole in the can so he could throw the liquid out before he threw the can in the garbage. As soon as he made the hole in the can it created a spontaneous combustion and before he could think his chest was on fire and so were his hands and neck. He put the fire out with the fire extinguisher that was hanging right by the door and luckily for his family his wife was not hurt and neither of his two kids were hurt. As the mom was telling this incident a lot of people who heard it, seemed to be amused at the simplicity of the young man. Some even snickered as they walked away. In his defense his mom said that her son is an environmentalist. One very sensitive young girl simply said "It was sooo not worth it" 

I simply told his mom that I like to use natural air fresheners and his mom asked me if my husband ever uses an aerosol air freshener .

I told her "All the time".  Porcelain Tibetan Buddhist Auspicious Lotus Flower Incense Holder 89mm x 89mm x 38mm  T3129Stone Elephant Incense Holder