Monday, October 29, 2012

Stay Safe Everyone

I am not so sure how many of our blogger friends have electricity today, but I hope that everyone is safe wherever they are. Please do not try to be brave. I know that certain people cannot say that to their loved ones because they are either working in police force or are firefighters or medics.
Harvest moon is beautiful to look at, but they say that high tides and Harvest moon are not a good combination.
Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be calm and our trick or treaters will not be disappointed. 
Hopefully sixty some million people who are affected by this storm are safe and sound indoors.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Learning from Each Other

Before I forget:- I would like to thank everyone who writes a blog. I try to read as much as I can and sometimes I do leave a comment and sometimes I do not.  I hope that everyone keeps writing because blogs are inspirational, informational, and a lot of fun. For me writing is cathartic, although lately I have been so busy with my own life that I have overlooked some issues that I could have brought to people's attention. Also I have forgotten my password for Linkedin and as much as I want to befriend people, I am not able to. 

By now I think most of us have heard about the syringes that are infected with Fungal Meningitis. It is so sad and so ironic that people who went to a doctor to get a treatment for their backache got infected because of these syringes. I do not want to start a rant about what the FDA does and does not do. I just would like to create an awareness in people about the importance of good posture. I am not saying that all back injuries are caused by a bad posture. What I am saying is that while we have no control over getting hit by a drunk driver and getting hurt, we can try and learn from each other. 

Just about three years ago, my husband's nephew had told us that he was in a lot of pain. The Vertebra near his neck was kind of scraped and that he has to wear a brace most of the time. He was never hurt or had fallen or had an auto accident. The reason for the pain in his neck was just the mere fact that he was working at his desk for hours in a row. I had then remembered that we used to tell people at work to be careful about doing one task for a long time. In one of the safety training sessions we had learned that OSHA rules require that no one should work at one task for more than two hours in a row. While standing at a cash register hours in a row can be detrimental to your cardiovascular system, sitting at a computer desk for hours in a row can do serious damage to your spine and your nerves.  I wish that I had placed the due emphasis on this fact before a loved one was diagnosed with a herniated disc and was told by her doctor to get another job.