Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my husband, my son, my brothers, my friends and my blogger friends.  I pray, hope and wish that everyone gets to share and enjoy the achievements of their children and also that they help their children get through tough times, hardships and failures without being judgmental.  

We were watching a commercial for a paper towel this evening and my husband remarked that the mother did not scold the child for spilling her soup, instead she went and took care of the spill with a smile.  I asked him if we should scold a parent for spilling something. He was offended. I then pointed out that parenting is changing and is improving. He was still offended, because he thought that I was putting a parent at the same level as a kid. Our daughter then gave her opinion that while we don't have to scold the kid, we can gently correct him or her. I understand that teaching children is our job, but we don't have to police them. 

My brother thinks that people who do not have children of their own and have to adopt a child are less controlling than those of us who have been lucky enough to have our own. I do not have any say in this matter, but while I have seen a lot of people give their kids a hard time when it comes to marrying outside community, our uncle who has an adopted daughter was just happy that she found someone who cares about her. 

Today I also salute those fathers who are hurting inside while raising their children who have special needs. Also fathers who stay around to be there for their child while their wives leave them like the dad in the television show "Veronica Mars" and the dad in the movie "Pretty in Pink".