Sunday, April 12, 2015

Big Blue Marble

Product Details I know that Earth day is not until the twenty second of this month, I am still writing early because a lot of my blogger friends are parents and grandparents of young children. It will be nice if we talk to our little ones about how nice our planet is. There are several sites that we can go on and find projects for kids to do. Pinterest has over four hundred different pictures pertaining to Earth Day and /Earth_ Day has a lot of learning material. It will be nice if children understand the value of saving endangered species of animals as well as the value of saving resources. I am thankful towards a lot of my blogger friends who are constantly writing about nature and about the good things in this Earth of ours. "Run around Ranch", "Positive Letters", "Mariette's Back to Basics" and "Flea Market Girl" are a few of  the blogs that are examples of people's observation of good things on our Earth and of how amazing nature and natural resources can be. Also a lot of bloggers who work hand in hand with Etsy shops are doing a great job of being creative and proving to the rest of us how easy it is to use and not waste resources that are given to us. My husband and I are doing our share of recycling by just shampooing our carpet instead of getting new because I know that the people who will install the new carpet are going to just throw away the old one. My son told me that I do not have to be a closet environmentalist any more because it is an "in" thing to be green.