Sunday, May 12, 2013



Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, mothers to be, grandmothers, Godmothers, foster mothers, and last but not least mothers-in-law.

This year I would like to salute some very special mothers who I have never met, never seen or whose voice I have never heard. 

I am not one to laugh at someone's silly mistakes. When it comes to driving I am one of the most serious people who would get anxious and think of the worst scenario when a mistake is made.However due to the rush hour and my own lack of energy and lack of sleep, I must not have been paying attention when I drove my car on top of two railroad ties that were part of a neglected  flowerbed. I was just tired of waiting for the traffic light to change and since I had to make a right turn I thought that I would cut through the gas station. I had not planned this turn,therefore I did not remember that the railroad ties were there. I simply drove on top of them. It just so happened that there was a small ditch for rain water to flow right next to the flowerbed, and when my front wheel got on top of the railroad tie, my back wheels looked like they were hanging from a cliff. I went in and told the cashier Top Choice 4 x 4 x 8 #2 Prime Pressure Treated Lumbermy problem. He came out running and went back and forth to the register as needed. Then I saw a young man pull up after filling up the gas and asked me for my keys. He went in and tried to pull the car off the rail road ties. He was not able to. Then yet another young man pulled up and added a railroad tie to the back side of the car so all the wheels are at the same level. That did not work. Then an elderly man who looked very frail came up to help. Then they started discussing the various methods of helping me with the car. Finally someone sat on the trunk of the car and one of the young men started the car and put the car in reverse. The car was off the railroad tie and on the road. Then they brought the car in the parking area of the gas station and gave me my keys. I was embarrassed and overwhelmed at the same time. I asked each of them what I owed. How much I can pay them, they all said that I don't owe them anything. I thanked them several times. I am sure that they realized that I meant it from my heart. I still don't know who they were. They had come out of all different cars. All I know is that they must have been raised by mothers who told them to help little old women in trouble or anyone in trouble for that matter.

It has been a week since this happened. I have been kicking myself and have thought about the possibility of a kitten sleeping there or even the flowerbed being full of flowers. 

I know that my kids have donated blood as they have the type that anyone can use. I hope that my kids will also help people out when they need help. That will be the best gift for me.
Tropical Bromeliad Garden

Friday, May 3, 2013


A to Z April Challenge 2013  A blog is a great platform. It gave me a chance for writing on different issues from making this world a better place to understanding our minds as human beings individually and society as a whole. Now I don't have to include writing in my bucket list.

A to Z Challenge has been fun. I got a chance to read different themes which were great to understand different cultures, different cuisines, different spices, people's anniversaries and memories, movies, popular sagas like Star Wars and at least one Z to A Challenge. When it comes to my own theme and postings this time I found it to be a real challenge. I tried to take a subject and instead of writing about it the way it was taught I was stubborn enough to write it as I found it to be. Finally when I came to the letter X I did have to take my daughter's help and use the letter X like it is used in Roman numerals.

All in all A to Z Challenge has been a good channel to direct the flow of our thoughts and feelings into words and sentences and ultimately blog postings. The Challenge also gave us an opportunity to understand everyone else's passions and issues just the same.

I congratulate every one who wrote and thank everyone who read. 
Once again, my heartfelt thanks to Arlee Bird and the A to Z challenge Team.
It has been great participating.