Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Book in a Jar

A couple of years ago I was really worried about losing my memory. Then I started taking vitamins after reading a comment by Sharon K. Mayhew who was thinking about the possibility of vitamin deficiency. It turns out that doctors have become very serious about testing vitamin levels in their patients' blood tests so they can give them supplements if needed. My doctor specifically prescribed Vitamin B-12 for me. She was worried that my levels were too low. She is given instructions to make sure all of her senior patients (above 55) are tested and then treated if they need supplements. I hope that all of her patients are as lucky as I am. I have developed a liking to reading as if I have just learned to read. A couple of years ago, I could read magazines and small articles but when it came to fiction I would not remember the first chapter after finishing it and I was not able to follow through when I started the second chapter. I would be lost and feel so devastated that I would just put the book down. I was confused because English Literature was my favorite subject. All through my college life I would not go to bed without reading and sometimes I would get lost in reading a book and forget about dinner even. So when I was not able to concentrate I was getting irritable and feeling helpless. Now that I am able to enjoy a book, I feel like sharing my joy with everyone. Some people say that instead of making resolutions for the New Year, they take a jar and put in the jar every nice thing that they have achieved. This year I finished a book in five days. 

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