Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Have a heart

"In New York, tomorrow starts today," they say. I wonder if this is pertaining to just getting jobs done or also in reference to the wear and tear of human beings, body and mind alike. We are all trying to work ahead of our times. Some of us cook too much ahead of the meal times, some of us write our bills earlier than we have to so the post office delays do not jeopardize our credit, and needless to say we do our holiday shopping and mailing way ahead of time. Some of my younger coworkers are saying that they are aging faster than people of my generation. I always tell them to slow down. Their response is that they do need two jobs just to pay back their student loans and their rent. They say that they cannot even dream of buying a home. I suggest that they can live at home until they have some money saved up so they can make a small down payment, this way they can move in their own place and financially get stronger. Also this way they can put a little extra on their student loans. A lot of young people are underemployed as well. Someone with masters degree is working in retail and some with a BA are still working in fast food. However they feel that it is the rite of passage that since they are in their late twenties they cannot live at home. They would be looked down upon as well. I wish that I could tell their parents to let their adult children live with them regardless of what the society's standards are. As long as they are willing to behave as responsible adults I think it will be better for both the parents and the children alike. As far as the society's rules are concerned the most important of all is to have understanding and feelings for the suffering of young people today.

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I was telling a coworker that  I am guilty of being a slacker when it comes to writing the post about "Valentine's Day."  She said I was not, because as long as I care for others it did not matter if I am late in writing a post.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hopes Not Fears

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A couple of years ago, a coworker of mine told me that her sons are afraid of having children or even getting married because the world is ever changing and they might not be good parents. I asked her what are they afraid of. She said that her husband did not understand when her kids wanted to be like their friends and her kids were never given permission to do certain things even when they were harmless. I could relate to her to some extent. However I was never afraid of having to raise children. I always had a desire to have children. I wonder if men are afraid of having children because the society puts the burden on them of providing for the kids. Another coworker said that some men feel good about being the provider. Yet another coworker said that his daughter is afraid of having kids not because she and her husband have to provide for them, but because they might not be able to understand what goes on in the kid's mind and what if the kid does not fit in the "in crowd." Later on my daughter had to explain to me the meaning of "in crowd."  I have no answer for the young woman's concerns. I come from a simple family where children thought that they were lucky to be able to read and write. I understand that here in the USA children have a very complex life when it comes to school life. I understand that even in India things are changing very fast. Just like here in America kids want mobile phones. So, everywhere in the world, are all parents responsible for problems that kids are going through or only certain rich parents? A very old customer told me that the differences between rich and poor will always be there, except nowadays, the social media is making it even harder for people who cannot give their children all they want. The inferiority complex is deeper. I still say that we should not fear but plan and work out things and hope for the best.

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