Sunday, May 14, 2017

Take One, Add One

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 There must be so many more things that we would want in our lives.  I can only think of a few. I wish everyone all of the above and so much more.

In one of the local schools here in Orange County NY, in the teachers lounge, there is a bulletin board with post-it notes. Each note has words of comfort written on them. There is a sign that says, " Take what you need, give what you can. " I thought that was a good idea.

We all have good days and bad days(even Mother's Day can be sad for some of us) so if there is a free word of comfort on a bulletin board that can get our minds off of our troubles even for a few minutes, it is helpful. Also if you can take a post-it note and write a comforting word and leave it on the bulletin board, someone can find it comforting. When I see things like that bulletin board, I think that the world is still a very good place and there are caring people around us. 

Happy Mothers day, everyone.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Travelling Bird

I am starting a legacy. It is similar to that of my parents. My father used to teach math to college students who were preparing for the exams even though he never worked as a teacher. My mother who was a teacher would buy extra notebooks and pencils when she took us school supply shopping so she can give them to our milkman's children. I am starting a legacy, the legacy of the "Travelling Bird". Why Bird?  This is how I came up with the word.

Buy a book. 

Invest in literacy. 

Read the book. 

Donate the book to a public library or an inner city school library.

Public libraries desperately need help. Most of them can use some good fiction books for children and young adults. So, I will buy books, read them, then when I am done I will donate them. 

Why the word, "travelling"? At the library, or in the school, the book will be borrowed by children. This way the book will travel from hand to hand. I will write the words "the travelling bird" on the books on the first page. This way the child who reads the book will know about it and may be one of them will continue this legacy as well.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script
Children's book: The Story of the Kid Who Never Gave Up! For Childrens Readers Who Like Childrens Stories, Childrens Science Books, Childrens Fantasy, Childrens Mystery Books, Childrens Novels by [Josh, Brian]Life of Pi by [Martel, Yann]      

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Year everyone!

2016 is over and when I look at the blogger site I feel ashamed that I have not written much. The fact is that I write when I see an issue. Another fact is that I was so busy that I did not stop to pay attention to an issue when I saw one. My husband tells me that I am only one person and I cannot take care of the problems of the world. One of my work friends told me that a day will come when us older folks will become a problem to our families. Well, I will try not to become a problem and be as productive as possible. That is one reason I keep working and commuting to work. Now that I have given the reasons, I hope that I can be forgiven for not writing. 

I am thankful to people who blog and give us so many good articles to read. 

I wish everyone good health and happiness.
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Monday, September 5, 2016

You can save a life

This is National Suicide Prevention Week. When I tell some people this, some of them ask me what they can do. Some are willing to walk to raise funds and a few people wondered about why there would be a need to have a week set aside for suicide prevention. They get surprised when I show them the statistics. They did not even realize that for some people life is very difficult and unhappy. 

I learned about the hard realities of life for a teenager when one of my very close friends took her own life just a year before our college graduation. Everyone thought that she was a very funny girl,  a very good student ,very helpful and outgoing. No one could ever think that she would not care about her own life. No one knew what went on in her mind. If only she knew that there were people who would be willing to help her deal with her problems she could have been alive today.Many people who feel suicidal are experiencing a treatable mental health condition.   I always hope and pray that there is help for people who are feeling suicidal and now I know that American Foundation For Suicide Prevention is the answer to my prayers. I am asking my family and my friends to visit their site and see what they can do. 

My daughter is fundraising for this foundation for her birthday. If you are able and interested, you can donate here: But even if you can't donate, just starting a conversation can make a difference for someone.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Never Forget

I learn a lot from my children. A lot of times I wish that I could share the things I learn from them with my friends including my blogger friends. The following post is written by my daughter who is very sensitive about people who have suffered whether in the present or in the past. Needless to say my knowledge and outlook about the Holocaust has changed with time. Today I learned that the words "Never Forget" have a special place and a special meaning.

2016 has been a rough year when it comes to losing well-known (and well-liked) celebrities, and while I was a fan of many people we lost this year, it wasn't until the passing of Elie Wiesel yesterday that I felt compelled to ask my mom, "can I write a guest post on your blog?"

I remember reading Wiesel's Night in high school and looking back, I don't think I fully appreciated the significance of such a work. I would also have to describe my trip to the Holocaust museum in DC in the same manner. I understood what it was all about, and I felt for the victims, but I didn't truly get it. Teenagers aren't known for being the most compassionate beings, so I suppose I shouldn't kick myself for not having some heightened sense of empathy at fifteen.

As an adult I do have a greater sense of understanding of what it was all about, but I don't know if we can ever really get it. Because even for the most empathetic of people, the pain we feel is secondhand. And that's a good thing. No one should ever have to experience that magnitude of suffering again.

But there is a side effect in that we begin to forget. I remember going to see Twelve Years a Slave with my older brother. My immediate reaction upon exiting the theater was "I feel privileged." I wasn't talking about any sort of racial or social privilege, but rather a privilege of growing up in an era where the atrocity of slavery no longer existed, at least not in the US. It was merely the subject of history books now.

But while slavery may just be a subject people read about in their school texts today, it doesn't change the fact that it was a real thing that happened to real people. And those people may not be alive today, but their stories were real and those stories matter.

And the same is true of the Holocaust. When I was in high school, the student chapter of Amnesty International would read the names of Holocaust victims over the loudspeaker on Holocaust Remembrance Day in April. At that age I took it to be a tribute, a remembrance of such an unfathomable atrocity. As I got older I also realized the whole "don't let history repeat itself" aspect of it.

But more importantly, we need to remember the people. The eleven million people who were killed during the Holocaust were not a collective unit. They were eleven million distinct individuals, all with their own loves and dreams and fears and senses of humors and idiosyncrasies. And while we know the stories of some of them, such as Elie Wiesel or Anne Frank, there are so many more stories that go untold.

It still happens in today's day and age. When we hear of attacks happening around the world, or even sometimes in our own neighborhood. We mourn for our countries, our civil and religious liberties.

But please remember to mourn for the individuals, too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Signature Pads

A lot of people know that leaving our signature behind on a random piece of paper is not a safe thing to do, even if it is some kind of receipt. Most of us are happy about the signature pad and feel that our information is safe in some kind of magical and unreachable place.  At least I used to think that until a week ago when I looked at my credit card bill where there was a charge of eleven dollars and ninety nine cents, that I could not understand. It is not a big amount and the store was one that I usually shop at. The strange thing was that there was a suffix that said, "VIP Pass" next to the name of the store and a telephone number was mentioned in the credit card statement.  So I called that number to ask what was going on and why was I charged 11.99, when I did not even shop on the date (or the month) .  The customer service lady said that I had signed up for a VIP pass  that was free for a month and then I would be paying 11.99 every month. So I asked her when did I ever do such a thing. She then explained to me that when I made a purchase, I had opted yes for this "VIP Pass".  Needless to say I was worried and was thinking that I am losing it.  I still did not believe that I would do something and not know it.  I told her to cancel my "VIP Pass". To that she said that I have to give her the "VIP pass" number or my credit card number . I had no "VIP Pass number and I was not about to give her my credit card number. I went to that store to see where I can get that "VIP Pass" number. The manager was very helpful, but was not able to help me get that number. He could not locate even a transaction done by me for that month in the register. Then I was left with no choice but to cancel my credit card number. 

 Later on I looked up the "VIP Pass" and saw several complaints on Yahoo.

 I feel bad for the store manager. That is one store that I always like to go to find neat and cool gifts, for my children and grand children. The store has things that make fans of Star Wars, Star Trek very happy and a lot of new and old shows and movies, for all age group fans. I might still shop there but using cash only.

I know that most of the time we see options like 'cash back" yes or no or even 'amount correct' yes or no ,but now I know that we have to be very careful about hitting yes even on the electronic signature pad.Product Details

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Have a heart

"In New York, tomorrow starts today," they say. I wonder if this is pertaining to just getting jobs done or also in reference to the wear and tear of human beings, body and mind alike. We are all trying to work ahead of our times. Some of us cook too much ahead of the meal times, some of us write our bills earlier than we have to so the post office delays do not jeopardize our credit, and needless to say we do our holiday shopping and mailing way ahead of time. Some of my younger coworkers are saying that they are aging faster than people of my generation. I always tell them to slow down. Their response is that they do need two jobs just to pay back their student loans and their rent. They say that they cannot even dream of buying a home. I suggest that they can live at home until they have some money saved up so they can make a small down payment, this way they can move in their own place and financially get stronger. Also this way they can put a little extra on their student loans. A lot of young people are underemployed as well. Someone with masters degree is working in retail and some with a BA are still working in fast food. However they feel that it is the rite of passage that since they are in their late twenties they cannot live at home. They would be looked down upon as well. I wish that I could tell their parents to let their adult children live with them regardless of what the society's standards are. As long as they are willing to behave as responsible adults I think it will be better for both the parents and the children alike. As far as the society's rules are concerned the most important of all is to have understanding and feelings for the suffering of young people today.

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I was telling a coworker that  I am guilty of being a slacker when it comes to writing the post about "Valentine's Day."  She said I was not, because as long as I care for others it did not matter if I am late in writing a post.

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