Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

My mom always blessed me when she wished my husband a happy father's day. She would say that if it was not for having each other we would not be good parents. I understand what she used to say, but when I look at some single parents I see that they do not leave any task undone, they do not let their children feel the  absence of the other parent and more over they sacrifice their own personal life for the welfare of their children. One such example is the Dad from the television show and also the movie"Veronica Mars".  Actor Enrico Colantoni did a fabulous job as Keith Mars the single dad of Veronica, a high school student who had to deal with differences between rich girls and below average income family girls.  He stood by her and guided her while his daughter had to put up with the attitude of teenage girls who knew not much other than entitlement. He let her be brave and figure out cases while still keeping an eye out for her. He risks his own life to save hers when she gets herself into dangerous situations. Yet when it came to his own personal life, he always keeps his daughter's welfare in mind. I always wondered how many men are like him. 

A coworker of mine in my previous job comes close to the dad in Veronica Mars. His wife died leaving a three year old daughter and he never thought about getting married again or even dating. He started thinking about ladies, only after his daughter got into high school and insisted that he should have a life.

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