Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gift Giving

Gift giving is when a husband reads the recipe of Latkes to his legally blind wife as she stirs up the ingredients.

Potato Latkes I Recipe

Gift giving  is when someone cleans up the home of a neighbor so that the health department does not take her pets away.


Gift giving is when a young stylish teenager  wears the exact same sweater as her autistic sister wears for the Holidays

Worthington® Essential Crewneck Sweater
Gift giving is when a blogger wants to celebrate the diversity of human beings.

Premium Gift Boxes

Gift giving is going shopping anyway so that your money is circulating to improve the economy. 

Retail Bags Paper

I hope that every one is safe and healthy. 
Happy Holidays every one.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Giving time and company

Metro-North Train Time  Whenever we had a guest who stayed more than a weekend my husband and I would feel really bad not being able to take time off. So I came up with an idea of advising them to take the train to the Grand Central Station and visit New York city. By the time they would be back I would have time to come home from work and make a nice dinner for everyone. Everyone who took the train really enjoyed the view of the mountains and the river. Now that both my husband and I are too old to drive through New York City I have been thinking of taking the train for a day's outing. Last Sunday when the train derailed causing a tragedy, my family was really shocked. We have been taking the train ride for granted. I mean our children take the train for different reasons from doing internship in the city to taking planes. When the media goes on and on about any tragedy you don't even feel like watching the television. Sooner or later we learn to live with the fact and then stop paying attention. It is only when we come across someone who knows someone who was directly affected, we realize the gravity of the tragedy. One victim usually accompanied her sister to different meetings. They say that angels come down to us humans during tragedies. One such angel is a friend of the accident victim who is helping the victim's sister by being with her in meetings.