Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Fall Floral in Pumpkin, medium


Happy Thanksgiving to my family, to my friends, to my blogger friends and to my neighbors.
Very special thanks to every one who blogs for giving me reading materials that are extremely interesting and wonderful at the same time. I would also like to thank people who blog about different cultures and different times including time travel and superheroes and fiction in general. 
Last but not least I would like to thank people who read what I have to say. 
I would also like to thank people who give me ideas to save resources and save the Earth. I wish every one good health and happiness.

Friday, November 1, 2013


LuxuryThere was a store called "Pharmhouse" where we could get our prescriptions filled, buy snacks and small gifts and toys and also rent movies.  So when I told my husband that I needed a watch to wear to work, he got me a watch from Pharmhouse for ten dollars. That was fine as I am a practical person and as much as he felt bad buying a ten dollar watch I told him that there is no need to feel bad because I will not feel bad in case I lost it. Well, I got very good use out of it. I mean I wore it for three years in one job, three years in another and almost two years in yet another job. Then when I started working in vendor audit, we were not allowed to wear too much jewelry plus we had computers to work with so I stopped wearing the watch. Yesterday my husband saw that watch on the dresser and was upset. I could not understand why. Then he said that I was not showing any value for the expensive watch he got me. I laughed and told him that that watch  costed him ten dollars over ten years ago. He then said that it costed him over three hundred dollars and only a few people can afford that kind of jewelry. I then understood the misunderstanding.
"This is not that watch," I said. "That watch is locked up with other jewelry as I am careful to wear it only on very special occasions." I said.  He did not believe me and wanted to have a bet with me. Today I took out that watch, showed him and brought a magnifying glass so he could read the name and then brought the ten dollars watch for comparison. 
All he said was "Oh my God!"
I did not say anything. I knew that that "Oh my God!" was because he was amazed at how similar those two watches were.
It could be because he remembered how much upset I was with him for spending money on a name brand that no one would tell apart from something ordinary. It could also be because I had told him that we could have added the amount to the principle on our home. I had also told him that we could have added that amount to our kids' college fund.
 Anyway, he was amazed that we average people cannot tell the difference between expensive and average even though we pay for the expensive brands because we want to give our loved ones what others give their loved ones.
Although he had lost the bet, I brought him a bag of Candy and a jar of honey (our tradition to give sweets to winners). He did not get it. He just asked me if it was trick or treats from Halloween.