Friday, February 20, 2015

Love throughout the year

Some people in  my family do not understand the meaning of "Valentine's Day" as such. My mom always use to say that unspoken love should always be there and not just one day out of the year. My husband has the same philosophy.It could be because I worked in clothing industry for a long time, I started appreciating all holidays and all fun occasions. Also I believe in using any occasion that I can find to make a person happy and why not? This world throws all kinds of hardships at us (all of us) so why not send good vibes to cancel out bad ones.

In sociology and civics we learned that a lot of people get into bad habits and even get into mischief and criminal activities because they grew up without anyone believing in them. My question is how do we believe in people whom we don't know. When I was new at my job in vendor audit my process coordinator was very harsh during work but during breaks she was very friendly. I told her that I was confused about her strange attitude. She told me that she learned in her school that she cannot be nice to coworkers but would like me to be a friend and be in my circle if it is all right with me. Although people at work like to be friends with people of their level only, I told her that it is fine with me.

My daughter believes that people should reach out to people who are not in their social circle and step out of their comfort zone. Lucky in Love™

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Valentine for every one

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Charles Schulz is not with us anymore but a lot of households watch Charlie Brown's Valentine's Day. We all watch the little girls forgetting (on purpose) to give Charlie Brown a Valentine.  If Charles Schulz was alive would he ever write an episode when Charlie Brown would get some Valentines, if even a few?  I wouldn't know. Although I can guess that there are kids who do feel like Charlie Brown does on Valentine's Day. I am not so sure if we are lucky enough not to ever have a heart broken kid. We can work towards making that happen as parents and as grandparents.  Therefore I am writing this post a week earlier. If as parents some of us have purchased or are helping our kids make little Valentines we can make sure that they have enough (maybe some extra) so no one is left behind without one. I remember back in 1996 one of my co- workers was venting about having to buy two boxes of twenty-four Valentines because her daughter had twenty eight kids in her class. She thought that her daughter's teacher was being fussy about either no Valentines or a Valentine for each kid. Friends or not. I suggested that she could make cards with her daughter and it would give them quality time together as well. I am not so sure if she took my advice for the following year, but I certainly hope that the teacher is firm about that rule. 

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