Friday, October 29, 2010

America the Beautiful, Hope for Happy sky - - - - - - - - -

It was really comforting to hear the news that people will be sent to jail for vandalizing a place of worship even from the outside. Hurray for our legal system. I hope the rest of the world learns from this.I hope that there will be no more news of places of worship or shrines of saints being bombed. I can only hope because it does take a good judge to be able to prosecute any criminal. Every country needs good lawyers and good judges who have expertise and knowledge of law and can apply to the fullest to prosecute people who bomb other people's sacred places. All of us have a right to believe in what we want to believe. If America would send people to teach law in other countries, it might be more of a help than sending troops because I am sure people in every part of the world will love to have this law being implemented to protect their places of worship.
It was sad to hear that this week the Octopus who was predicting the winning team passed away. I hope that people who believed in him are going to be OK.

Monday, October 25, 2010

America the Beautiful , Sunkist Leaves, Disturbed sky elsewhere - - - - - - - -

The ups and downs of Route 9W by Storm King mountain looked like they were ablaze, but as you keep driving you would notice that the trees on the sides and on the mountain were orange, yellow and red. My daughter said that it seemed like we were inside a painting. I was glad that people were actually slowing down to enjoy the fall foliage.
Yes every thing seemed fine up until half an hour ago, when we heard in the News from India that a Sufi Shrine was bombed in Pakistan. Now this is horrible and not at all understandable. Why don't people leave people alone. Sufis are the most peace loving people I know, most down to Earth and least materialistic. My husband is right about us feeling disturbed when things happen close to home. My father believed in Sufi doctrines. He would be devastated to hear about this bombing. I am just glad that the shrine of the Sufi Saint that he believed in is in India.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

America the Beautiful, Sunkist Leaves and Hopeful Sky - - - - - - -

On Friday I was so sad about the purple sky. Even though there was President Obama's video to reassure kids that they are not alone if they are different, I was still thinking about the kids whose parents must be so lonesome without them. 
"Life goes on, no matter how many sad things people have to go through. We feel sad but sooner or later we put things in the back of our minds, unless we are directly involved," my husband said. I guess we all have to move on. My father always said that we should always think of changing seasons when we feel sad because a season does not stay in one place and neither do sad days. Just like there is dawn after a dark night there will be good days after bad. I only hope that kids out there who feel lonely are listening to us.
The mountains on route 9W are now covered with beautiful fall colors. The sky is not purple.

Friday, October 22, 2010

America the Beautiful and purple sky - - - - - - - - - - -

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Wednesday was wear purple day and for the last couple of days the sky (around Storm King mountain)  was purple. Beautiful purple and silver. If this was India they would have said that the sky is joining us in the observance of this day. It was devastating to think that we as adults cannot do much about kids being teased. However today President Obama's speech made me realize that there is hope for kids who feel different.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down Memory Lane Along with Happy Days - - - - - - - -

Yesterday, I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking about Marion Cunningham and comparing myself to her. Well, today when I look back at those days I am actually amused by them. The memories are overwhelming. The television show "Happy Days" (1974 to 1984 ) was the prime of my motherhood time period as well. My oldest being less than a year old, crawling around our coffee table while we would watch the show in 1974. Then, in 1977 our second one on my shoulder and my oldest next to me going "hey" like the Fonz. Then in 1982 my baby in my arms on our rust color recliner and the other two stretched out on the living room sofa, with my husband between them. Wow, those days were out of this world. I am sure there are dozens of parents who are reminiscing right now and if they are not they should.
It is sad that we lost Tom Bosley. His image will always be that of Howard Cunningham. I am sure he will be missed by the rest of the crew just like a real family member.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whiner or Winner - - - - - - - - - Still Care for People.

I am pretty pathetic because I have started talking to myself.
"I have become a whiner, about bad drivers haven't I?" I was thinking loudly.
"No you are not, you are a winner," my daughter humored me.
"I don't know about that," I said. I really don't know. I don't even know why I try to save people from getting hurt. Is it really my business? I should get a pet or something. But then that would be selfish on my part to get a pet because I need to get busy. It would be different if I got a pet because it did not have a home or something like that. Maybe I will  do some volunteer work. Then I would not be on people's back. There is only so much you can do around the house. It seems like a good change if you do something else and then do the house work. I was looking forward to the retirement age. I guess you never retire from being a human being. A few humanitarian good deeds, a few smiles back where they belong, a few young people enjoying their carriers instead of just surviving and a little less waste of resources then may be I can feel like a winner.
The news about Tom Bosley reminded me of that episode of Happy Days where Marion wanted to do a little more than being a home maker. I guess I am not the only woman who wants to do more than keeping a home together.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Better Them than Me - - - - - - How Safe Are We?

I hear at least two accident reports on the radio every morning. Am I the only one who worries so much ? Maybe there are a few more senior citizens who do not take their lives for granted. It is not that I am worried about my own life alone. I get devastated when I see young people drive recklessly. They have so much to see, so much to look forward to and so much to go home to. It is a good thing that seat belt laws are tough and they actually save our lives. Still an accident is such a waste of resources and waste of time.
"I used to throw high beam at a car in the on coming lane if I saw it zoom, so they get  heads up about the cop that is sitting in his car, maybe half a mile down the road." A co-worker told me one day.
"I still do that, actually I alert even the ones who are in front of me so they slow down," I said.
"I do no such thing anymore." Said my co-worker.
"Really?" I asked.
"Na, -- I don't, today cops give tickets because they have to, so, let those high speeding show offs get the ticket, why should I alert them?" So no more mutual understanding between drivers!!
I would feel really guilty if I did not warn the driver ahead of me and then see him rear end somebody.
"If only everybody followed driving regulations we would not have to worry about warning them." My coworker sounded like he has given up. Seems like I might too.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Volunteers, Helping Hands, Shut - ins and Reckless Drivers - - - - -

"Seva" service for human beings in Hindi and "Karma" the concept of what goes around comes around are my two favourite "Vichars" (ideologies, belief system, words to live by). Sharing food is the highest form of Karma (Hindu Text.)  Prophet Mohammad said "The perfect Muslim is not who eats till he is full and leaves his neighbours hungry." My daughter has this wish that one day she could help "Meals on Wheels." She wants to help out people who do not like to go out as they are afraid for different reasons. Drivers in today's traffic make you think twice before you go on those highways. You start thinking about limiting your driving to basic errands.
Thursday I saw a four car crash on route 9W. Friday we heard about a six car accident on route 9D. I hope that everyone is fine. Meanwhile what do we do to make people understand that some of us who are driving recklessly could be hampering somebody's desire to do good deeds.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clouds on the Ground, Beautiful Earth and Reckless Drivers - - - - - - - - ?

"You do your best with what you have and you will make it, no matter where you go, or come from, or what religion you follow." This is one of the tips that I brought back from India in the mental envelope of tips( Vichar in Hindi)  given by my grandma. I notice though, that a lot of people do not do their best with the things they are  given or even their time. That makes me feel that I have been cheated. I stay a little upset for some time and then something happens that makes me think that the Vichars were right.
9W is a beautiful road, now more than ever, the foliage is stunning.The sky over Storm King mountain and the look over spot seems like velvet, with clouds spread out. Five minutes before the Storm King mountain is
 flat  land with maple trees. This afternoon that maple plantation was covered with clouds and that looked beautiful , like the tree tops were peeking through the clouds. I was travelling ten miles below the speed limit as visibility was bad. I tried to enjoy the clouds and stay safe. However a lot of cars were weaving, I felt bad that people have become so busy that they cannot give extra five minutes for safe driving especially in fog. I was also thinking about the way people don't make the best of what they are given, their time, their automobiles and even their lives. That made me sad.
Five minutes later,  I heard screeching sirens and what do I see? Four cars that ran into the ones in front of them. I am hoping that everyone is all right.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Helpful Adults, Happy Kids and Neigbours - - - - - - -

So you work hard and you are living the American Dream. This is great. Your kids get to shop in the name brand stores, have the best decor a kid can have in his room and toys ----wow, does Santa mint money or does he get huge discounts? Well, if you are asking me if there is a hint of jealousy in my tone, you are wrong. The fact of life is that things do not remain the same, ( for most of us any way). One jolt of economic gear going reverse or even  a sudden halt, we loose a lot. Then what happens next? Are we preparing our children for hard times at all or are they in for a big surprise? I am not saying that you should not try to get the best for your kids, just let them understand that there are less fortunate kids in this country (or the world) and that they should be thankful. There just might be a kid down the street who has the simplest things but who has learned to appreciate the real meaning of a family.
I finished reading CRASH by Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli. Very touching indeed. Rich kids can be spoiled? Parents can be totally unaware? Then a turn in the family can change a kid entirely on his own?
I did not realize that a lot can go on in a kid's life and parents don't even get to find out. Wow!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Helpful Adults, Happy Kids, Life is Great

"You should call your blog "Beautiful Earth"." My daughter remarked yesterday. I guess what I was trying to tell is that because this earth is so beautiful, we should enjoy our lives to the fullest. I do not mean go party and get wasted. What I mean is that live our lives the healthiest way possible, try and save each other from getting hurt and do our best to keep this earth in a good shape. Now that is not too much to ask, is it? I think some times my earth friendliness gets some people irritated. When we had to have the catalytic converter replaced, it was kind of expensive. I asked one of my co -workers what a catalytic converter was, she snapped, "It is something you earth friendly people want us to have." I was sad, because I not only did not get a proper answer, I was resented for being earth friendly. Then a friend actually explained to me what a catalytic converter was, and I did not mind spending that money. Hey if I can have the luxury of using a car  (it was a luxury where I come from), I should handle the responsibility of keeping the air clean.
I have taken upon myself to explain to every kid and every young adult with any thing they want to know and listen to every thing they have to say.
My nieces need my help in convincing my bother to stop smoking, and I am going to bug him until he stops. I have to help those kids from worrying about their father. It is up to me as an adult to make sure kids are happy.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Happy Kids, Beautiful Life

I went to a private school, not because I was picked on, but because my parents valued good education. The medium of instruction in public state schools in India is the language of the state you reside in. Therefore if you want your child to be fluent in English, you send them to a private school even if you have to cut back on other expenses. Junior was pulled out of a public school for a different reason, a reason that does not have to exist.
"Pain does not have to exist but it does," said one of my brothers, who smokes, in spite of me yelling at him.
"When pain exists, where we do not have any control over it, we might be able to put up with it." I told him."If you can help it, pain does not have to be there."
"If you can help it, but I cannot help it when I need to smoke." He would laugh.
I am not trying to connect the two, smoking and picking on people, (my brother would never pick on people.) I get these flash backs of things going wrong, when they do not have to.
I am pretty sure, Junior out there finds life to be beautiful, His both parents are smart people and they keep telling him that life is beautiful and that he does not have to worry about people who tease him instead if his focus is on nice things he will do great.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Earth, hurting kids, overlooked - - - - -

"So how did the conference go?" I asked about the conference regarding Junior.
"It was more like a lecture." Sarcasm was over flowing.
"You were talking?" I was pretty sure.
"No, they were."  Now bitterness was added to that sarcasm.
"Really" It was unbelievable.
"I talk to only intelligent people you know." I saw a faint smile.
"Now, come on." I tried to humor the hurt.
"When the authority figures try to blame a victim, I sense a hint of ignorance, rather lack of common sense."  There was helplessness and a reality check in the tone.
"I am sorry." I had no clue how to make that parent feel better.
"In olden days, they had those vigilante."  Those eyes were lost somewhere very far.
"You are not - - -" Now I was scared.
"Don't worry, I am just going to pull Junior out of the school. I guess the cost of private school is worth it after all."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Six Billion People and Constant Agitation - - - - - -

So, Junior's upbringing is going fine. What do we have to worry about? A lot of Juniors out there, with only mom or dad at home, but not both of them.  Packing for weekends to go and have a good time with the one who does not spend time with them during the weekdays.
"Well, it is not as simple as that."  The same hurt in the voice again. A parent in pain.
"What now? What do you mean?" I should not be blamed for my concern, that tone always gets me, the tone of the hurting parent.
"I have to go and attend a conference, one to one you know!" I had an idea of what that could be.
"Why?" I needed details.
"Junior said the 'F' Word."  The gaze was on the floor this time.
I had to stay silent.
"I am not sorry, kind of proud actually." Now this was not expected.
"What?" I did not mean to be angry.
"You know Junior is a little overweight. Husky size is comfortable for him, you know the elastic band pants. So, during lunch break a bunch of boys pulled down his pants. His brief was showing. He said the "F" word. They deserve it."  Part of me was disturbed but who could blame a hurting parent.
I don't think that swearing is the answer, but standing up for one's self even at an early age has worked for some kids, only fear is that they might turn out to be bullies themselves.
Ellen De Generes' video is heart breaking. She is right we have a crisis at our hand.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Wonderful People finding Solace - - - - -

"It has been five years, aren't you going to start meeting people now?" I asked a friend who was divorced.
"No, I don't want to hurt Junior any more." I could see the pain of a parent in those cloudy eyes.
"What do you mean?" I am always nosy, when it comes to welfare of my friends.
"It is hard enough for him to deal with three parents." Now that was a logical answer.
"What about yourself?" My question was sincere.
"Well, I have to make a living, that keeps me quite busy, then I want to focus on Junior as much as possible.
Whatever time I have left, I entertain my self with self reflection. My hobby is to learn to improve my disposition." The smile was sarcastic. The calm in that voice was bitter, but somehow I got a feeling that Junior will grow up to be a good person. He will be fine.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Lonely People and Regrets?

"I took care of my little part of this beautiful earth, you know," said someone who used to work with me.
"Yeah, " I smiled.
"Yes I did, in winter beautiful Holiday scenes, in Spring, my yard was full of Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths, in summer, you name the annuals and in fall my home was horrifically beautiful. "
"Oh, that sounds like a story book," was all I could come up with.
"Yes, my three quarters of an acre of this earth was kept like a story book, then I lost it all,"  I cannot say that I know the pain of divorce but I got an idea from the tone used.
"I am so sorry,"  I wish I could express how really sorry I was.
"Don't be, it was kind of my fault mostly, anyway,"  Now that took a lot of courage was what I was thinking.
"Don't be so harsh on yourself."  I had to calm down the outburst.
"The thing is, I hate a mess, it is such a turn off you know but I did not realize that nagging is a bigger turn off. When there is no peace in the house, I guess people turn to outsiders."  I could feel the bitterness behind that cough.
"You guys couldn't talk things out?"  I don't know how to shut up.
"Not, when things go too far, I mean when someone else was able to provide the peace and calm I could never give."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Great People, Lonely -----?

"Just remember this, if you know me you have someone to talk to. I mean really, you could be my grandparents' age, my parents' age, my age, my siblings' age, my childrens' age , my grandchildrens' age or any age in between, you have my numbers, you can talk to me. I am not trained in any capacity what so ever but I am a human being just like you, so do not hesitate. Pour your heart out, if you have to. I probably will not have any solutions to your problems but getting them off of your chest may make you feel some what better."
I want to post the above message. A conversation I had a long time ago with a co - worker always haunts me.
"I don't smoke because I want to. I smoke because I have no one to talk to."