Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Lenny

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 Happy Birthday to our favorite blogger Lenny Lee. Lenny has inspired myself and a lot of other bloggers like me. He has taught me how to  keep writing and has given a lot of pointers and tips that he posted on his blog, he shows a lot of respect for nature and our planet Earth and last but not least I learned from him how to be jovial in spite my health issues.  I learned about Lenny from Sharon of Sharon K. Mahew Kid Lit writer and from Hilary Milton Butcher of Positive letters - - - inspirational stories. Please join me in wishing Lenny a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns. Please visit his blog @ Lenny's World.

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Happy Birthday Lenny, may all your wishes come true and all your dreams become a reality.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Minnie Mouse Holiday PJ PALS for Girls

Product DetailsProduct DetailsThere is a very good salesperson who I became friends with only because we walk in the mall a lot and my husband and I became familiar with her. She is actually a project adviser for a department store and is very friendly. She says that she is friendly not because she wants to get business but because life is short and she feels good at the end of the day if she makes someone feel good or if she brings a smile on someone's face. Needless to say, we talk a lot. One day she told me about a lady who was embarrassed about her daughter who was eight years old and was still carrying a teddy bear around. After talking to that lady for ten minutes, she was able to convince her that there is no need for an apology as not all children are the same when it comes to security. She actually complimented the little girl for taking such good care of her teddy. 

I remember talking to a five year old about her umbrella with Hello Kitty all over on it. Then her mom told me that she has a Hello Kitty doll in her room and she loves her. I told her that I am sure she takes good care of her Hello Kitty. Also she must miss her while she is in school and is working hard.  A couple of weeks later her mother stopped by and told that there was a significant change in her daughter.  Her daughter is listening to her when it comes to doing homework and is even eating her lunch in school. She then thanked me for showing love to something her daughter really loves.

 I used to be skeptical of toy industry utilizing and exploiting children's love for certain toys and the licensing of merchandise with different logos, but I came to a conclusion that having one or two things of their choice  actually helps nurture positive and caring attitude in children. 

 I know some adults who never out grew the love of their favorite toy and they are the ones who most appreciate the gifts you give them for Birthdays and Holidays. 

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