Friday, June 24, 2011

Daddy Time

I think that there should be a general rule that we should be allowed to wish Happy Father's Day (or Mother's Day) up to the following Sunday.  There could be some scatter brains like mine who get overwhelmed and excited with every good news and get worried with every hurtful news and forget to wish people the due greetings and blessings. I have to say thanks to some of my blogger friends whose blogs reminded me that a message for Happy Father's Day is due. There are some terrific fathers that I know like my husband, my son, my brothers, my brothers-in-law, my boss, my boss's boss, some blogger friends, some blogger friend's husbands and some of my neighbours. So Happy Father's Day to all of you.

I remember some young people at work had hurtful memories of their fathers being tough with them. I am not sure what could have gone wrong, but a lot of times us parents copy the kind of parents we had. Sometimes that may not even be the case. So I do have a message for all the young fathers out there. The young dude that is standing in front of you  is a toddler today but he is going to grow into a fine young man. His only needs (besides food, shelter and clothing) will be respect and approval. All of the material goods are secondary. In the process of providing the American dream please do not forget to look in those innocent eyes and say a nice comforting word. A lot of things need to be fixed in this world.When it comes to parenting each one of us is a work in progress.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"BOY OH BOY"  These words were written on one of the gift bags  that I gave the new baby with cute outfits in it.  I was in a hurry as the baby came a week earlier than expected, but boy is he cute. Everyone says that he looks like my husband (his grandpa) and my husband does not stop grinning at the comment that "he is cute and looks like his grandpa." The important thing is that he is normal and healthy. I am dying to show his pictures to everyone but our kids have a rule for not putting baby pictures on the internet. Oh well.
So, spending a week with a six year old and a two year old is out of this world but spending a week with a newborn is heavenly. It is also so charming to see my daughter-in-law wanting to do everything herself not only for the new baby but for her other two little ones and then checking on my son and me to see if we were all right. I then had to keep reminding her that she is the one who needs rest.
Times are changing. People are multi-tasking and that includes new parents. Families are living hundreds of miles apart. I came back home with a heavy heart.  My son calls me and reassures me that everything is OK and Philadelphia is not far from New York. As of now I just close my eyes and be with the baby.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dolphins need to be free, just like us

I thought that only humans attempt suicide. I did not realize that sea or land animals would commit suicide. Here is a request from animal lovers for us to just sign a petition so lives of Dolphins can be saved. I need not write further as this will explain a lot.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My spelling IS Getting Better

I have been afraid of the "A" word. They say that when some people come to my age they start losing their memory. Although I remember most of my math facts, I was beginning to get worried about my spellings and my grammar. I have been writing superlatives instead of just regular facts and some of the homonyms got mixed up in my mind. Now I have decided that I am going to love English. They say in my country that if you like anything to improve, you have to make an effort and actually love what you want to see improved. Therefore I am going to strive to get my spellings to be almost perfect and my typing skills to be better. This is because I want to write correct sentences when I visit and comment on Lenny Lee's blog. He has become my inspiration. Thanks Lenny!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Take Care Of Your Health

If you are a universal donor, it is a blessing to so many people who need blood. I knew this fact for almost forever. One of my coworkers had told me that she had signed on the back of her license to be an organ donor. I was feeling bad for her. She is still very young. She was then only twenty-one.  She laughed and said that she was a reckless driver anyway. I got mad at her and told her that she should drive carefully for her daughter's sake. Unfortunately her sister who was also very young died in an auto accident and then she realized the hard realities of life and started driving carefully. An other coworker told the both of us that we do not have to be dead to be of help. We can be living and still donate blood and maybe a kidney, or even bone marrow.
Today, I found out that an elementary school age girl needs a kidney. Her kidney function is down to twenty percent. At home I had the discussion with my husband about me giving a kidney to her because I have lived my life. To my dismay, my husband said that  doctors, surgeons and even hospitals will not let me do that because I have multiple health problems and I can be more of a liability than help. What a bummer.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I would like to wish Drora Hed Happy Birthday. I am not able to leave  even a Happy Birthday wish to her on her blog.  I read Drora's blog all the time. I also admire the little pieces of miniature furniture she makes.

We Have Hope

Almost everyone here in Orange County N.Y is effected by the tragic murder/suicide loss of a mother and three of her children.  When we drive on the river side to go to Newburgh-Beacon bridge, we still get the goose bumps. I think that this will happen to us for a long time. The ten year old survivor of the tragedy is now holding pretty good, thanks to community efforts with time and money. A couple of days ago my husband happily told me that an NFL player has not only given him an undisclosed amount of money but is also mentoring him.
It is now up to the boy's father to help him cope with the tragedy and convince him to forgive his mother and move on. Most important he should talk to him as much as possible even from the jail.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

THANK YOU and - Oops !

I would like to thank some new people who are reading my blog. As you know blogger likes to play these games with us. It is now hiding the faces of "followers". I used to just go back to the people and thank them through email and follow their blog as well. Now I cannot do that as I don't know who the new friends are. So please allow me to thank you guys. I will just have to wait until the blogger shows pictures and gives me the links. I would love to read your blogs too, and follow them.
And oops, I got tagged. Thank you Michael. I will have to read all the things I have to write and think about people I would like to tag back. Also my wall paper is made of my grandsons. They are still babies. I am sorry I can not put them on the internet. I might put back the picture of a peacock,( my old wall paper)  just for a couple of days so I can put that for answer to question number 2.
Blogging is getting to be more than just writing a diary that people can read. I like that.