Monday, July 23, 2012

Over Looked?

Most of us remember the pyramid of needs from our eighth grade social studies / civics class. I am not so sure as to how many of us remember all five sections and how many of us remember only three. I had to google it and actually learn it all over again, but that is me, an older women, so I guess it does not matter.  However it does matter when we look at the world as a place that needs to be guarded and people, plants and animals that live here have to be taken care of.  Where am I going with this? or where is this conversation coming from?

I am sure  a lot of parents whose kids have special needs are doing their best to be there for them  I guess I am simply worried that the rest of us tend to forget that our kids have psychological needs as well. We simply think that once a child is a high school graduate and his basic needs are covered, our duties as parents are done. I tend to think differently because as I look around I see that a lot of young people are unhappy. Just because babies have become people do we stop looking into their eyes and ask if they are all right?

I guess I always feel a need to urge people to get to know their kids even when they have become adults as people change and kids become people. Also, I have a need to urge young people to find someone (even one person) they can confide in.  It is best if young people talk to their parents, but if for some reason they cannot, it is not that hard to find another person they can share their thoughts with. 

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims of Colorado shooting as I watch the television coverage of the tragedy. My mind however races back to the past tragedies of the same kind.  I  cannot help wondering about the terms and relationship dynamics of the suspect with his loved ones.

Was it a science project for him or was he an extremely lonely guy, whatever the case maybe if he had someone he could trust and talk to, get guidance from, be friends with, maybe a lot of lives would have been saved. I am not being sympathetic with the suspect I am praying that no such shootings take place again - ever.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How Cute !

I usually do not post links( unless asked ) but this time I could not resist. I hope that every one enjoys this as much as I did.

Cute kids and haircuts