Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wrong Message

US Flag Pins, Patches, & Decal Stickers" I am - - - - - (such and such person) and I approve this message" .  I think almost everyone of us have heard this line at least a dozen times while watching the television or even listening to our radios in our cars. "Taking part in politics is a dirty game," they say but it would be much more appropriate to say that it is more like a game of immature high school kids.  Why else would they make a list of negative qualities of their opponents and start making fun of them. All through the years that I have been a citizen of America and have been thrilled to use my right to vote, I have ignored this side of politicians, giving them a benefit of doubt that they do not mean any harm. However, this year I am feeling disgusted by a negative message from a candidate who is a mother, a doctor and a leader. She may not have written the message herself, but she certainly did not double check the message written by someone else. She is just using the message very carelessly. Why am I so upset? The campaign ad is making fun of the opponent's last name. Just because his last name rhymes with the word "Phony or Baloney" it does not mean that he is a bad candidate. Besides making fun of the last name is very childish. Like my daughter says we do not have any control on our last names.

I just happen to know someone whose son was teased for having the same last name that rhymed with the words phony and baloney. I had told the dad not to worry because as people get older they do not make fun of others. I think that I am upset that I did not know better.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Attention Span?

Working as a vendor auditor had been an easy job, as my mind used to be focused only on one task at a time. Check the numbers, match them up with the system then pass or fail the audit. Customer service however is a different story. Listen to the problem like it is your own then check with the manager and while waiting for the answer, keep the customer entertained. I still send blessings to my teachers who taught us good business manners during field trips to different shops to get extra credits in business school. So it became my habit to train new people to be the best they can be.
Product Details A lot of people wonder as to why they should do their best when they don't get even a smile from cashiers when they shop. I guess when discount stores offer us savings we go there in spite of not getting a smile. However I still did not get used to the carousel of bags that rotates as the cashier puts the merchandise in them. We are supposed to pick them and put them in our carts. I am used to handing the bag to the customer therefore I expect the same courtesy. My husband must have explained this to me several times that not every store is the same. I think that I will have to come up with a mantra to remember not to leave a bag of merchandise (that I payed for) in the carousel. I am not upset about the money but I am upset that I have to focus on the carousel only. I wish that just once, the cashier would look through and ask if I took every bag from the carousel. I know that I could just tweet about my complaint but I did not think that it was enough. I had to write a blog post.