Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

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Some people ask me where in India I am from. I tell them that I am from Hyderabad, which used to be a kingdom and the king was very generous. Some one asked me what happened to that king I told them that when India became a Democracy a lot of kings gave up their kingdom. A lot of people suffered as there was opposition as well. However Democracy prevailed. 
A young man told me that he wants to visit Goa in India to see his cousin, who grew up in India as his uncle and aunt did not want to leave India because of India's natural beauty. He asked me if I miss India. I told him that as much as I miss India I am thankful for my health and for the fact that I am working and am active. Then one of the associates said that she is thankful because she does not have to shop for center pieces any more as she has several decorative things from years of having parties. 
A customer said that she is thankful because there are craft stores and she can make her own center pieces. Her daughter said that she is thankful that her mom bought some can food for the food pantry. I asked her how old she is, she said that she was nine and when she gets to be a teenager she will work for a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day so the homeless of New York can have good food too. Next day while driving to work, I saw the homeless man I always see, but this time I was a little less disheartened. 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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Being a salesperson gives me a chance to meet a lot of people . I also get to understand people in general. Most of all I get to see children and marvel at their intelligence and innocence at the same time. 

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 Last week I saw two little boys playing with the wind-up toys that were displayed with the Christmas decorations. They were having a lot of fun while their parents were looking through the different choices for lights. Just then a couple walked in with a gigantic dog. It was healthy, clean, and very well behaved.  So I praised the dog and complimented them for taking such good care. Then I asked them what do they feed him. Then the lady smiled and with a naughty look on her face said, "Little boys". I was not expecting that answer and was speechless. The couple  simply walked away with the dog, but the two little boys left the toys and ran to their parents. I could see the fear on their faces.  The faces of the  kids, the size of the dog and the lady with the smirk  are still in my mind. I just hope that the kids are not afraid of dogs for the rest of their lives. Product Details