Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 

May the joys of the season be yours for the Holidays and throughout the New Year. 
 I hope that everyone is safe, healthy and happy.

Friday, December 21, 2012

One Week Later

Moments of Silence, church bells, and thousands of sympathy cards filling up the post offices are just a few things that people are able to do for the folks in Newtown, Connecticut.  How do we make them feel better?They lost a part of themselves. We can only try. President Obama is trying his best to make sure that something like this does not happen again. No one can make sure but the possibilities can be greatly reduced.  Also it is not just up to him. We all have to be understanding and compromising.  The lives of our kids and grand kids can depend on how we think as adults. 
People all around the world are affected by this tragedy.  Here in the tri-state area there are friends of friends of people who lost their loved ones and who actually died. We can send sympathy cards for people who lost their loved ones, but there are people whose children saw other children die, there are people who work a couple of hours away and had to drive in agony to the school and now are left with post traumatic stress disorder. They will be needing counseling or will be leaving their jobs even. This shooting has set off a chain reaction of painful thoughts. 
I had almost lost hope in humanity. However, within the last week, I heard a lot of good things about a lot of people who are helping people heal.  UConn has started a scholarship for the kids of Sandy Hook elementary school. People can send their donations to help the siblings of the children who lost their lives. So I see a glimmer of hope here. 
I have learned a lot in my life and from people who blog. I have learned to be strong. The lady who writes"Step Parent's Cove" made me realize that no matter how many people try to hurt us, we can be strong and hang on to our Faith in goodness and there will be glimmer of hope.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Broken Hearts

How do you blog about a day like today ? I mean even the President was emotional. Who wouldn't be? I don't mean to sound callous about other shootings in the US or other countries, but these are elementary school kids. How did something like this happen? Why would anyone do something like this ? I cannot even imagine the state of mind of the parents whose kids were shot. What are parents to do? Fairfield County Connecticut is supposed to be one of the safest places in the tri-state area  So if a place and a school like this is not safe for our kids and grand kids then where are we suppose to raise our kids? I am sure this is a question a lot of young parents must be asking themselves. I remember in 1979 when our oldest was about to get into Kindergarten people suggested that we get a house in the Hudson Valley because it was drug free and the schools are good.  It turned out to be true. We were lucky I guess. We had the peace of mind until 1999 when we heard about Columbine shooting. That shook us all. We still remember praying for the victims parents and  hoping that it would be an isolated case. Today I am thinking are we going to get a break from tragedies this year?

For people who live in the Hudson Valley, Danbury, Connecticut is no less than our hometown. We go there to shop to save sales tax and a lot of us sent our kids UConn. Connecticut is a state where people understand the meaning of life. Get education, work hard and honestly love your family. In 2010 when there was a shooting in the brewery, people attributed that to bad economy and employee outrage. Today  a lot of us are trying to understand the motive behind this killing of little kids. Someone pointed out that the suspect who killed his mother wanted to kill what his mother loved most. His mother loved teaching so he killed little kids. Will people think twice before they enroll their kids in school? Is the suspect going to get his wish? I know that he is not alive but I certainly hope that he did not kill our spirits to educate our kids.