Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Television

I just finished watching a rerun of the television show "Community".  I watch it a lot and by now the characters are real for me.  This happens to a lot of us so I am not embarrassed to admit it.  The show is about some students who meet as a study group. They are a cross section of what a typical community college is. Every week there are a couple of issues that the group deals with.  So coming back to tonight's episode I wish that there are actually real people as good as these students. The study group that makes a plan to save an overweight student from attempting suicide. They invite him to a game of Dungeons and Dragons and so he can feel good about himself. It turns out that - I'm not about to give away the ending. Here is a trailer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Samaritans

Exactly one week ago,  four men took a chance with their life to pull out a woman from a vehicle that was burning.  Palisades Parkway is like our backyard. We drive on it almost every day of the week.  A lady who was driving an SUV on the Palisades had to steer away from driving on some kind of trash. Then she lost control of  her vehicle. People who witnessed the accident said that the vehicle actually was four inches above the ground and then ran into woods and overturned and caught fire. From among the stranded traffic some people got down to see what was happening. Then four people got out of their cars and pulled out the lady who was driving before the police could get there. As soon as the men pulled out the lady, the SUV was a blaze. If those four men did not pull her out, she would have been burnt beyond recognition. I am hoping that those four men get rewarded somehow. I mean they took the risk of their life.They say in my country that the reward that comes from up above is much better than any human can give. My husband says that the feeling of being able to save a life is in itself a reward.
So why did I not blog about this incident sometimes last week. Could it be because I heard this only once on the radio?

Thursday, July 21, 2011


It is helping. I mean staying away from the television news. My brother sent these pictures to me. I would like to share them.

This is a beautiful bridge. If there are people in the world who are building such beautiful bridges, I guess the world is not such a bad place after all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I would like to thank Drora for taking me back to my childhood. I cannot leave a comment on her blog. Also I like to thank Hilary for taking me back to the two years I spent in England.
My husband tells me that I should be thankful that I can read and write.  Also he tells me that trying to make this world a better place is an unrealistic goal. We taught our children good from bad and they should do that with their children and so on.
Also he thinks that too much shelter for me by my parents developed unrealistic expectations that bad people will somehow turn into good people. He says that greed, hate, and violence are as real as generosity, love, and peace. So just accept the facts and pray for the loved ones.
We have a six-year-old grandson who is ready for first grade and two grandsons even younger than him. There are hundreds of kids throughout America and the murder case of the eight year old is an isolated case but what if it is not?
 I am sure my husband will be angry when he reads this because he wants me to stay away from the worries of the world for my own good. I promise though that I will not let this effect my memory. I am learning to compartmentalize and take notes. I am learning to accept that there are problems beyond my reach. I will pray that this world becomes a safe place for everyone's children and grandchildren.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Float On

Last week my son and my daughter were having a lot of fun singing and playing guitar and drums on Wii on the television screen. Digitally animated boys and girls and back up singers and crowd were a lot of fun to watch. One of the bands was Modest Mouse. Since I pay a lot of attention to lyrics, I came to an understanding that their song "Float on " is actually about moving on after hearing a bad piece of news in the hope that good news will come across. I think that I am going to try to adopt that philosophy. It seems a little callous but maybe I am taking the fixing up of this world a little too much to my heart. I remember that someone had told me that too much empathy can be a concern for depression. Who knows, maybe too much empathy can be a concern for forgetfulness.
Earlier this week a middle aged business man committed suicide by jumping off of the Newburgh Beacon bridge. Also the same night a couple jumped together off of the Tappanzee Bridge. The girl died and the man is still in critical condition. As usual I did not feel like having my dinner. My husband then told me that a teen age boy was able to save a middle aged man from drowning. I guess "Float On" may work, I thought. Then the television news announced a heart breaking tragedy. An innocent eight year old was kidnapped and killed. His body was dismembered. I cannot imagine how his parents must feel. I don't know how I will be able to "Float On" now. There will have to be a very big piece of good news to take this tragedy out of my head.
Before I Forget:- I would like to thank everyone for their concern and support. I will do research and try things that people have suggested. I will also post as I try various things so my experiences can help others.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Counting On Positivity

I would like to remind my self that I have a great family, wonderful friends  and wonderful blogger friends.
I would like to write blog entries about experiences I have been having with not remembering things. In case  anyone who is reading my blog is having similar experiences, I would like to hear them as well.They could be people  my age or have loved ones my age who are getting forgetful.

My last blog entry was two weeks ago. What happened to the two weeks? Thankfully I write that  after coming back from Philadelphia I was talking non stop about the new baby and praising the new parents for their love and devotion for their kids. This would be during the day. At night I would worry about their well being outside their home, in school, and what the world would be like when they grow up. I don't know if the effect of being worried worked on my mind and I was getting forgetful or if it was my age. I then did a lot of research. The "A" word works on my mind like the word Monster works on kids' minds. Maybe I should just stop being afraid and things will be OK. I hope so. There are way too many nice things that I would like to put in a safe place in my mind. Just in case.Maybe I will write them down and keep reminding myself.

The beginning of this month was full of joy as I had a chance to visit my son in Hawaii. Last time we went there was in 2004. He made plans for me to go there. It was very soothing to be with him. He took us a lot of different places, including beautiful beaches, museums and botanical gardens. I was amazed at the number of plants I could recognize and name after so many years of studying them in college. I can never thank him enough.
The first evening I got to my son's place, he let me read the book, Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I woke up at two thirty in the morning because of jet lag and wanted to continue to read the book. I could not remember the right name.  The "nook" was not letting me go to my page as I had forgotten to book mark it. I kept on thinking and it seemed like my brain had two parts, one telling me that the name of the book was live love and pray and the other one was telling me that the book is love, travel and live. The right name was not coming in my mind at all. This is something that worried me. I know that Julia Roberts has worked in the movie based on the book and there is a lot of travelling. So was my mind able to relate and not remember? Has this happened to people out there?
On the way back I forgot my ID. I was in luck that the right people found it.
Today, I noticed that I have to ask my daughter the name of the person she is talking about, before she finished her sentence. Has this happened to anyone before?