Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Have Hope

Almost everyone here in Orange County N.Y is effected by the tragic murder/suicide loss of a mother and three of her children.  When we drive on the river side to go to Newburgh-Beacon bridge, we still get the goose bumps. I think that this will happen to us for a long time. The ten year old survivor of the tragedy is now holding pretty good, thanks to community efforts with time and money. A couple of days ago my husband happily told me that an NFL player has not only given him an undisclosed amount of money but is also mentoring him.
It is now up to the boy's father to help him cope with the tragedy and convince him to forgive his mother and move on. Most important he should talk to him as much as possible even from the jail.


Michael Offutt said...

It's nice of that NFL player to reach out to the survivors of that tragedy. Sports heroes have a responsibility of sorts because they are admired and looked up to by so many of our youth. It puts a silver lining on an otherwise unbearable tragedy.

Misha said...

I actually didn't hear about this, but it sounds terrible.

Good to know that there's a silver lining for the surviving child, though.

Belle said...

I'm sure that people who do such things are mentally ill. It is so tragic. I hope the boy will be okay and it is wonderfu of the NFL player to help.

Hope said...

As long as we still have these angels existing in our realm there is always hope.

Footprints of Peace said...

Munir: How so sad! Oh, my heart goes out to everyone! How so sad! I'm not sure as to why parents are taking lives (as well as their own) but the act is so sad. I don't watch the news much, so . . . this was my first time hearing about the situation. Oh, how so sad!

Glad to read that the communities of NY are reaching out to the survivor child. Kindness is so needed.

Monalisa said...

Sometimes i can't help thinking how nice and considerate the people of US are! and may be of some other nations of the west too, while also being so benign ! Such stories go daily in our newspapers and sadly our people are bored talking and hearing about them. I remember during college we used to raise voice against such social taboos but they mostly die with the victims. The popular public here are normally ward off such taboos, since its almost daily news here.

I'm very happy to hear what the community out there did for the victim, and it was great about the NFL player to grand the boy so much support! I simply hope the boy finds his life back again.