Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I would like to thank Drora for taking me back to my childhood. I cannot leave a comment on her blog. Also I like to thank Hilary for taking me back to the two years I spent in England.
My husband tells me that I should be thankful that I can read and write.  Also he tells me that trying to make this world a better place is an unrealistic goal. We taught our children good from bad and they should do that with their children and so on.
Also he thinks that too much shelter for me by my parents developed unrealistic expectations that bad people will somehow turn into good people. He says that greed, hate, and violence are as real as generosity, love, and peace. So just accept the facts and pray for the loved ones.
We have a six-year-old grandson who is ready for first grade and two grandsons even younger than him. There are hundreds of kids throughout America and the murder case of the eight year old is an isolated case but what if it is not?
 I am sure my husband will be angry when he reads this because he wants me to stay away from the worries of the world for my own good. I promise though that I will not let this effect my memory. I am learning to compartmentalize and take notes. I am learning to accept that there are problems beyond my reach. I will pray that this world becomes a safe place for everyone's children and grandchildren.


yaya said...

Your hubby give good advice! I pray everyday for the safety of my children and grandchildren...I always hope a greater being than me is listening and taking notes! Have a good rest of the week.

Michael Offutt said...

Your memory/mind/cognitive abilities seem fine to me Munir. I love reading your blog and you always sound intelligent.

As for the way the world is...I tend to think of humans as driven by instinct to be selfish. Add to this the fact that I truly believe all men (I exclude women from this) have an inner desire to be somebody and it's going to cause problems.

Men go into politics not to fix situations but to be somebody. Which is why we have so many problems with sex scandals among men. The same goes for just about every other walk of life...the reason why men don't follow blogs as much as women or why men don't read as much as women boils down to the fact that they have this ego thing going on that states that your words are not as important as whatever it is that they have to say.

Well when you get a world of these all wanting to be somebody...and then the rest of the human race following the instinct of selfishness (secure resources for themselves and loved ones and screw everyone else), it all starts to fall into place for me. That is, I realize why the world is the way it is...why there is such a lack of compassion, and why people really could care less what happens to someone else as long as it doesn't impact their life.

That's just my two cents.

Monalisa said...

Your husband said it right almost. And I would add, as long as we remain humane and the instinctive compassion lives in the human hearts, one would always try to fix the world. But I would ask you Munir, is anything at all possible when you are fallen disappointed by sheer size of the problem we're facing. We need to be strong. Look at the problem like its a problem to be resolved and not to be brooded or disappointed over. Munir, do not be over disappointed. It could hurt your loved ones (and that could include a lot of your readers apart from your family).

Love and Prayers

oceangirl said...

i guess women tend to think more than men. i guess that is just how we are built.

Belle said...

When I look at the sad things in this world, I feel terrible. But there is no use in staying with that feeling, for it helps no one and only makes a person sick.

We need to feel hope and joy in order to cope well in the world. I used to feel hopeless and helpless, but what good did it do? Now, I try to only think of positive things, do my best to help others and leave the problems with God. He is strong enough to carry them.

rainfield61 said...

Life is like a set of chess game.

We would not know what will happen next, though we may calculate and predict, and reduce the risk.

Tanya Reimer said...

It is a wonderful things that you think about these things, and that you are able to feel so deeply about them. Many cannot. In fact, many flip the channel with a blind eye.

Turn that passion into something creative, build on it rather that let it destroy you inside, and you'll be able to help others with this rare gift you have.

Every time I read you, it touches me how amazingly emotional you are and how concerned everyone is for you.

Clearly you touch the lives of many. Reach out and touch them back.

Even just looking at the photos above has inspired you. You are truly a gifted woman full of life!

Vanilla Mama said...

It is so hard to look past the bad things that happen everyday - but you have to find the joy in your day and focus on that. Offer up prayers and positive energy to those suffering - and Focus, Focus on your joy.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Munir .. so pleased you enjoy your brief forays back into England ..

Life is too short to worry about others .. sad though it may seem ... being yourself and caring for your near and dear is energy well spent. You could go under a bus, more likely than be murdered .. that's a worrying thought - but we think no more about it .. we go about our daily life ..

Be at peace .. there's far too much horridness in the world and probably all of it less a tiny tiny % we can do nothing about .. count your blessings as your husband says and live life now - otherwise you'll die still regretting and never have laughed and loved in your latter years ..

Cheers - the world is not easy .. but we can do much to help our own .. Hilary