Thursday, September 15, 2011


Have you ever felt extremely angry in high school? I mean fumes coming out of ears angry ? A lot of us  felt angry at some point or the other and a lot of us got over our anger and some of us did something wrong.  I mean  pressures of life itself start pressing our temples from Junior High onwards and and they keep giving us headaches going on to high school, well into college. So how exactly did the popular kids escape from things boiling inside them? To my shock I found out they really don't. A co worker of mine said that he was very popular in high school because his mother started him out as a very fashionable young man and he would wear nothing but designer clothes and as a result he got a great job in our company. At home, it was a different story. His mother got yelled at almost every month by his father for wasting money. When he interrupted, he was almost thrown out of  their home by his father. Then there were kids who were so angry at jocks that they took steps to hurt all other kids along with jocks. They made the big news unfortunately. Also unfortunately, kids who do something good don't really make headlines too often.
Peekskill High School - just across Hudson River, made some rules that are not fair with students.  Mike, our radio station host of Mike and Kacey said yesterday that a student wrote him a letter about an unfair rule their high school had made and some of the students are really angry about it and want to take their case to the board members. One of the students "J" ( we need to protect the kids ID) would like as many people as possible to know about the petition. He says that as angry as he is he rather take care of the problem through a petition. I called the radio station to check with Mike if it is OK for me to blog about this as more people might know about the petition. Also the reason I am writing this is the fact that as angry as the kids are they are going through the right means versus violence and vandalism.
  Blogger friends  from Peekskill School High School area can help out these kids by checking out the sitauation. Maybe the rule itself is not so bad after all and there could be misunderstanding on the kids part.


Shelly said...

I think problems are problems no matter what social area a kid is in. It's tough growing up. I hope they can get it all worked out-

Ann said...

Sounds like these students are very responsible, using a democratic means to bring their feelings of injustice to the attention of those in charge. Good for them.

LynNerd said...

I don't have fond memories of my Jr. high and high school days. You couldn't pay me to be a teen again!
That's good that "J" is starting a petition to deal with what he feels is an unfair rule.

So what's the unfair rule? Is it okay for us to know and weigh in with our opinions? Or if you tell us, should we just keep our opinions to ourselves?

Good cliff hanger, Munir! I'm dying to know what the rule is! Haha! I'll check back.

oceangirl said...

I love my high school years. I think I am what I am today, was due to my life upbringing in my full-boarding, co-ed but almost zero interaction with the opposite gender. We were in full uniform at all times, what we wear, how we tie-up our hair. But I also think that, it was good for my time, I hope the school and its education system evolves with the changing times.

Belle said...

My high school had lots of rules I hated and I'm sure that is true for everyone. I hope these kids can work things out.
I hated school from grade 1 to grade 11 when I finally left. I wasn't angry, just scared stiff. :)

Vanilla Mama said...

I hated High School with a passion. I was overweight, teased...etc, I really hope that everything works out!

Michael Offutt said...

Hate to say it...but high school is just a microcosm of the bigger picture of life in our country. The "in-crowd" folks become the new elitists of tomorrow who despise poor people and if they don't have health insurance, would rather see them dead in the hospital than receive treatment at the cost of the taxpayer.

I don't have a very optimistic view of our future. That being said, these kids are going about things the correct way. However, the social inequalities, the shrinking and disappearance of the middle class, and the fact that our country will soon be owned by less than 1% of the people who live in it because they have such concentrated wealth, lays the grounds for very bad times.

I think I am saddened that kids have such free time in our high schools that designer clothing and in crowds even have time to become so powerful. It says to me that education is slipping. Kids should be studying and studying hard. But the focus these days is not on's on everything else but that it seems.

I predict that in my lifetime the United States will become a third-world country.