Saturday, March 31, 2012


Where did the month of March go ?  I am usually very good at keeping track of time. I like to be as productive as possible. However as I am getting older it seems like I end up wasting time in getting upset over things that I have no control over. I have told people that there is no point in getting stressed out. Some of my friends have remarked that I do not know what real stress is therefore it is easy for me to tell people not to stress out. Three years ago I was going nuts about my husband's open heart surgery but handled the whole line of his tests and procedures pretty good while praying at the same time. Now that he has to go for one more set of stress tests I am upset at my husband and worried about him at the same time. What do you do, when someone does not want to follow doctor's orders. I guess nothing, if that person is an adult and has a mind of his own. On top of my worries, our telephone line was a mess. No incoming calls at all. The telephone company asked us if we had cell phones and I said yes we did. That was a mistake. So, if we are not one hundred percent dependent on the telephone we are put in the end of the list that the repairmen were to be sent. So we lost the telephone service and the Internet for that week. Then someone fixes the phone. That day the phone worked for a couple of hours then again no dial tone. After four days the repairman comes in and tells us that the phone should work and it did. I asked the repairman if they had a lot of work. He said not too much. I then asked him why did the company's rep told us that they were busy. He said that the company likes to play games.

Last week my friend Jean very proudly showed of her Magnolias to me. They were in half bloom. She said that she could not wait until they are in full bloom. This week, one night the sudden drop in temperature killed all her Magnolias. She is however gracious and is praying for the apple blossom to be all right. That reminds me of my friend's job. His daytime job is working in apple orchards and delivering apples to the nearby stores. If apple blossoms die because of wintry weather in spring there will be something for me to really worry about.


fishducky said...

Things quite often have a way of working themselves out. I hope they do that for you--& your husband!!

Tracy said...

Yes, Munir, it is easy to become a 'worrier'but Let Go and Let God! Seriously, there really is nothing you can do so save your energy for better purposes. As far as your husband, he is an adult and you can't make him take care of himself but you CAN take good care of you!
Take good care of yourself and allow God to do His job and provide for your husband.

Gossip_Grl said...

I know what you mean about the month of March just flying by. I have no idea where the time went.:/

Arlee Bird said...

Life is too short for stress, but sometimes it seems we can't help ourselves. Hoping for a better year for the rest of 2012.

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mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Sometimes we need a little reminder that worrying about things and stressing over them doesn't help one little bit. What will be, will be and that's the attitude I try to take with me ... I did say TRY.

Azra said...

My aunt had breast cancer but she still doesn't do what has to be done in order to live a healthy lifestyle. It's frustrating because no one can make her live the way she should and she doesn't seem to care.

In the past 30 years, I've learned that it doesn't help to worry about things we can't control - which translates as most things. We can only pray and trust in The Almighty's power :)

Shelly said...

I am with you- where had March gone? I just can't believe it is almost April. I hope your husband's tests go well and hopefully the phone and internet stay fixed!

Hope said...

Hi Munir
thank you for your visit to my blog. I hear you about march slipping past only for us Feb. slipped past even faster.

I've been putting forth my energy towards my daughters dance festivals so I haven't been blogging. I do miss visiting you.

Try not to stress. easier said than done but have faith that God knows what he is doing and leave the heavy stuff in his hands

blessings to you and your family

oceangirl said...

I can relate, I see it between my mom and dad. Men don't necessarily like to follow the doctor's order, it is not in their nature, and women worry, that is what they do.

May God ease all our efforts.

klahanie said...

Indeed, a thought provoking posting. Of course our feelings have validity and our stresses in life are tangible to us.
Somehow, we try to find the positive in perceived negatives. Somehow, we try to live our lives, as best we can, with realistic positive anticipation, rather than, negative speculation.
Here's wishing you and your beloved husband, positivity through these trying times.
In kindness and respect, Gary

Sarah Pearson said...

It's so hard when the people we love won't always do the best for themselves. You're right, they're adults and we should let it go, but it's easier said than done don't you think?

Rekha said...

Its good to worry but not too much, it takes over our life then. THat said, we can always find ourselves and mainly others in situations that makes us worry.
Really sad about the Magnolias. Gardening is a labour of love, pity the weather played mischief.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

When it rains, it pours!

I'm positive things will work out, one way or the other.

Keeping you in my thought, Munir.