Sunday, March 31, 2013

A to Z Challenge

A to Z of Resource Management

I was twenty-five and my first born was two years old, when one of our neighbors told me that in the US, people do not ask their children about how they spend their allowance. It was like a sting to my brain, because I remember not only did my mom ask me what we all did with our allowances, she made sure that we used it wisely. This to my neighbor was shocking. She then made a remark that sounded not too far from the truth. She said that she was not surprised that my husband and I were dependent on our parents for every decision we make. It was true that we not only sent money home, we let them know where our money went.  I did not want my children to be like us. I wanted them to have a spine and still be respectful and thoughtful.  I was confused and worried about how I was going to raise my children to be responsible adults. It just turned out that I would go with them to the corner store when they were elementary school age and watch them eagerly take out their money and buy comic books and candy. As they grew older the manner of their spending changed a little bit,  until they brought home the working papers. That was then when I told them that if they drive, they will be responsible for paying for gasoline, the auto insurance and repairs. That was harsh, but they liked to drive. Now they had a purpose for their money.

I still wonder if it was the limited source of money or obedience on our part that made us accountable  for the money we spent. 

People from all over the world have a desire to live in America. They do not realize that in the middle of abundance,  individuals and families alike are feeling the pinch, not so much in the way the money is spent but the way bills have to be paid. Buying things we need or even want sometimes is fine, but to keep buying things so you can have them is not the same as rich people buying properties so they can acquire them. The difference between a rich person of tomorrow and average people like us is that the future rich guy will spend his money in the things that promise him a good yield in his future and we the average people spend as we need to or even on impulse buying because we like what we see.  In the television show "King of Queens" Carrie gets upset when her father-in-law tells Doug (her husband) that Carrie is buying too many clothes, shoes, handbags etc. Later on Carrie thinks about the financial situation her and her husband were in and then realizes that her father-in-law was right and that she should watch her money and not be tempted by things she likes. 


Launna said...

I think we need to teach our children how to save for something they desire.

I agree that if our children want to drive, they need to pay for gas and such... nothing is free in this life.

Also, money never ever bought happiness:)

Shelly said...

Wise money handling requires discipline and accountability, both of which are lacking these days. An enlightening post!

Ghadeer said...

I think it's right to know where your children are spending their allowance and direct them to wiser choices if they are misusing their money.

Nikki said...

Hey! Of course you can send your grandson the picture! I bet he'll come up with something cute :) If he writes something could you post it to me as a comment? I'd love to see! My brother is 7, I love the stories they come up with :D

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Munir - we all need to learn the attributes of money - so we don't get ourselves into deep water later in life.

Definitely the right way of doing things .. I always admire workers who send money overseas or home ..

Cheers Hilary

klahanie said...

Hi Munir,

Indeed, a thoughtful post. Learning to be responsible with money should be instilled at an early age.

Wishing you much fulfilment with the challenge. I sent you an email. I hope you received it. Note the title :)

In kindness,


Chatty Crone said...

I think you were told wrong and I bet your kids came out wonderful - I think kids should be monitored! sandie

Belle said...

Sounds like you have done a fine job in teaching your kids responsibility. I agree, in our culture we spend too much on things we just want and don't need.

Kate OMara said...

Pooh Bear is a favorite!

Granny Annie said...

Our first accountability about our finances has to be to ourselves.