Monday, April 1, 2013

A to Z Challenge


VINTAGE GOLD SCALE WITH ALL WEIGHTS - MKR = WEST GERMANYTeaching and parenting are both works in progress. Not too many decades ago, grown ups used to tell young people to use their brain whenever they made a mistake. As a parent I did not tell my children that and if I were lucky enough to be a teacher, I would not do that either. Now I know enough to understand that not everyone's brains work the same way. I also know that my own brain may or may not work the way it used to. I do try to avoid using things that are harmful for my brain and try to use the things that are good for my brain. 

In eighth grade resource management class, I raised my hand and said "Blessings" when our teacher asked us to give the name of a resource that is useful for us human beings. The kids in the class laughed. The teacher simply asked another student who raised her hand and I guess that girl gave a right answer. I was too upset to even pay attention to the class as I thought that I was told something wrong by my elders. They always told us to get blessings as they would come in handy when there is struggle in life.  As time passed I understood  that blessings are something you believe in and I also understood that you get back what you give, so therefore our elders were not wrong because we got their blessings whenever we did something good for someone else.

Whether it was the eighth grade resource management class or the section of Economics class of resource management the most important thing we learned is how to balance our resources for a good life in every way possible. They taught us how to balance a budget and a checkbook. They taught us how to divide a job among laborers and they taught us how to divide laborers among managers. However, they did not teach us how to understand that balancing our time and energy between our jobs and loved ones is just as important. Our elders told us that nature has a way of balancing the world and we individuals are a part of nature. To me it sounded so utilitarian. I still think that we can do our own job of learning how to figure out our priorities.
  Books have always been a good resource for me. Not the kind that we read in school, but the kind we read to understand people and their problems. 
Vintage Vacation Bookends


Ruth said...

My husband has always made sure that we taught our daughter to use her brain. Think for herself and come to her own conclusions instead of just blindly following what we are told.
I love informational books.

Launna said...

Munir, you are right that blessings come from doing good and helping others.

I really wish people wouldn't judge us so harshly when we offer answers... it makes it hard for us to ever want to offer again.


Geo. said...

As an elder myself, I consider "blessings" a correct answer, among many, to your teacher's question. When that teacher, and those classmates who laughed, become elders it will be apparent to them as well.

Shelly said...

I am a teacher, and I think blessings is the perfect answer. You are so right. Love this post, my friend.

Konstanz Silverbow said...

I definitely believe in blessings. And books are a blessing! :)

Beautiful post!

Konstanz Silverbow
A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge Co-host

Susie Swanson said...

Blessings for sure.. Love this post so much..

Chatty Crone said...

You have been a blessing to me!

Teresa Cypher said...

What a good post, Munir. Blessings--your elders were wise indeed. And to believe... that is a wonderful lesson that all children should be taught. :-) Thanks for this wonderful post :-)

Ghadeer said...

Aww! I wish I could go back to that time and tell Junior Munir she's right!

Pam Williams said...

Great list of resources! Especially love blessings. God is my best resource and He gives blessings upon blessings!

klahanie said...

Dear Munir,

You raise an excellent point. For indeed, we all have different levels of absorption rate when it comes to learning. One may be a fast learner. Another may be a slow learner and yet, potentially, has learnt more than the fast learner.

Blessings are what you bestow and we are blessed by knowing you.

And so true. We have to find that right balance. A happy medium for a happier life.

Books can be a powerful, positive resource and you certainly understand that.

Dear friend, I hope you are feeling better. Please take it easy and go at your own pace.

In kindness and warm wishes,

Gary :)

Granny Annie said...

Books amaze me that all those words form first in someone's brain.