Saturday, August 28, 2010

Job hurdles and or Stop signs for advancement in career ---- or compassion?

When a young mother leaves a good position at work and postpones an advncement towards her career or a wife leaves a job so she can take care of her husband, they have other important things in mind than making the money. Agree or not, happiness and well being of one's family are on the top of the priority list for most of us today. the closest runner up ---- almost a tie, is our health. These two factors make our life worth living. Ofcourse personal and career goals are always there. As we work towards advancing within our career, we may notice that family and health will always be ahead.
What about ethics? Do we let our ambition dictate us about ethics? Then we have to watch out for the workoholics in us. Also is the workoholic in us paying attention to vacation and leisure?  So, getting ahead in our career, gaining knowledge and acheiving experise in manufacturing and or service is somewhere in the middle of our priority list --- at least I hope.  Having a good heart, taking care of our families taking care of our health may actually leave us mentally fit to become expert in our fields. Money and economics are going to complete the circle. Do not make living a chore. Making an occupation of your life will leave very little energy for the job that pays you. The aims in life, specially when it comes to aquiring material goods or even a big bank account will eventually make you tired of having to make money.----                                                                                        

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