Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"PROJECT SEPT---ember"

"Self Esteem Protection Team"
To Join :
No money needed -----> Not a cent.
One can be of any gender, race, religion, nationality or marital status. You can take part in this project as long as you come from a place "where there is care for humanity."  Educational requirements: zero credits to PHD. Skills needed:- Capacity to tell a kid five years or younger that he or she is very special and he or she is not less than any one in this whole world.  Also you need the capacity to tell a five year old or older kid that he or she is not less than any one in the world and no one in the world is less than him or her. If we have enough people it will not be long before this project will be able to lift off. Best Wishes for the new school year!!! Mom And Dads too!!


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