Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sneakers on Clearance !!!

So your attitude is as positive as it can get and you have the most comfortable pair of sneakers you can find, what is stopping you from working out? hmm--- mm-- may be you did not get enough sleep. Sleep good at night and the next morning be on your guard and set a goal. In the beginning you might feel that you are your own teacher, but setting up a goal might actually help you with adhering to it. Yes, make sure that your work out time suits your schedule. Five or ten minutes warm up and light stretching before you start a work out is very important and so is stretching after any heavy exercise to cool off. Keeping your self hydrated by drinking eight of 8oz glasses of water a day and may be Gatorade or other electrolyte replacement drinks should keep you from getting dehydrated. Check with your doctor before starting a really heavy exercise routine and if you are a recovering patient it is always good to have a friend at your side. You have to talk to yourself about your goals and then figure out what needs to be done and then do it. You set a goal for yourself, achieve it and then may be go beyond it. You will not be the first one to do that.

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