Friday, May 6, 2011

Appreciation Day

My husband is (somewhat) listening to the doctor's orders.
My daughter comes and checks the windows for drafts if she hears me cough even in the middle of the night.
Both my sons sent me beautiful flowers for Mother's Day.
We might be able to see our grand kids on Sunday.
Today is also Appreciate A Nurse Day. I appreciate all of the nurses that took care of all my family members, took care of me when I had my three babies (now adults) and are taking care of patients as we speak. Nurses are there when a life comes in this world. Nurses are there when you are hurt or ill in spite of the dangers of contagious diseases and they work all kinds of hours, weekends and holidays. So I salute and appreciate a NURSE.
Today is also Appreciate an Army Spouse Day. My brother is a retired US Navy chief. I know before he retired, my sister-in-law went through a lot of hard times (especially with her two girls when they were little) whenever he was sent away to another country.We live not too far from West Point and I have spoken to a couple of women who are married to men in the army. They say it is not easy, but they respect what their husbands do. So I appreciate an army spouse.


Belle said...

I'm sorry you and your husband are sick. I hope you will be well soon. I appreciate nurses more than you know because one of my daughters is a nurse. She told me how she has stayed at work hours longer as an elderly person died in her arms. She loved her patients, but put her back out while turning one over in bed. She isn't working right now.
I do appreciate military spouses. It is hard to imagine how they cope with being left alone with their children for long stretches of time. Then they worry about their spouses too! I read lots of blogs by military wives and find them to be wonderful people.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Munir .. blogger seems to have disrupted me more than I realised - as I knew you were looking after yourselves, but hadn't realised you'd both been sick.

Love the appreciation - for nurses, spouses, mothers .. we just need to appreciate everyone ..

Hope you and the family start to feel healthier and better soon .. and that your Philly family grow happily by one come the middle of June .. cheers and thoughts - Hilary