Monday, May 23, 2011

We need Hope - - - All of Us

When we throw a tiny pebble in the calm and serene waters of Lake Taghkanic we enjoy the circular ripples of the water but we do not realize that the tiny fish and tadpoles under the water could be scared thinking that they are in for a storm. So, why do people scare people saying that the end of the world is near?  I am not saying that I believed that it was happening. It got me thinking. I mean we all have to die one day and if we knew when exactly we are going to die, we probably pick out the ways we want to spend the rest of our days. So, on Saturday I was having a crisis with my memory. I do not see too many good actions in the mental video I had of my life. I mean common, the good things to do list that was meant for me to do by age twenty still is waiting to be finished. There are hardly any scratched out accomplishments and I am sixty. So where did the time go? and resources? First it is the car, then the house, then the furniture, then college funds for kids and now retirement. When do we really get a brake from ourselves that we can give time and energy to others? I guess, we just shouldn't wait. We should do the "helping others part" along with doing "the life chores part".
We have been listening to the news and watching the disaster in Missouri and wondering what their emotional condition must be. At this stage in our lives we cannot do much more than send a check and pray. I admire those people who go and give on hands help. I wanted to post a youtube video to share but I was not able to do that as the embed part was disabled. My husband says that they need hope and all of us need hope.
I will ask some young people in my family to post  "We Care and Hope for Good" messages on their facebook pages.


Hope said...

yes, Munir! all of these events makes a person think, if we, at our ages, don't think of these things already. I too, don't understand why people have to put fear into other people. I was not frightened by this 'end of the world' warning for I like to believe I have enough faith in my belief and common sense to not heed warnings such as these but many, many people were concerned. And i feel for them.

perhaps this little scare is making more people reassess their lives and that is a good thing

all of these natural catastrophe's happening around the world is making me concerned and all I can like you say, pray and help out as much as we can in any way we can.

wonderful post by a very compassionate person

Be well, my friend!

yaya said...

I bet you have done many good deeds in your 60yr. span...Being a good wife, mother, citizen, friend is what makes a community strong. We don't have to invent the internet, climb a mountain, have a hit tv show to make a difference. If everyone in the world would just do the basic things of life with some respect and pride and hard work..well, then I say that's the rapture that will make God smile! I was also floored by the devastation in Joplin, Mo...when I saw the hospital it shook me to the core. As a hospital worker all I could think was, "the poor staff that were frantic trying to save the patients"...all the while putting themselves last in order to do that. Then to have your whole town, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, just gone. How does one get over this? While foolish men tried to invent the last day of earth life, it was the last day for many in that town.

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

I completely agree with you. Big events like these often makes us wonder about our life and evaluate it. And it makes us evaluate how/what we've done to make someone else's life more manageable. Sending a check and a prayer may seem small, but it certainly goes along way.

Michael Offutt said...

Lake Taghkanic-- I have no idea what this is but it sounds very wet.

And huzzah! I can post again. Blogger has been giving me fits lately but I guess the issues now are limited only to IE9 and versions thereof.

Monalisa said...

there was a prediction back in 2000 that the world would end that year.i was a child then and I was so afraid.i used to pray so to God that he forgive my sins and I would attempt all the good things I could.and then 2000 came and I kept waiting. Then I began losing trust in such predictions. Now I'm grown up. I would say the world ends to any one any time when he/she dies. Look at the victims of natural them, the devastation poses armageddon at the time it happens.what else would a person think when the world is shaking or when he's drowning in flood. Acute helpless situations and life and death struggle can make anyone think the world is going to end. Death takes anyone to the end of his world. And that can happen to anyone anytime. Best thing to do is to prepare for it every moment and simply keep doing good things all the time. Greetings :)

Vanilla Mama said...

Death will come in its own time, no one knows, and no one can put it on a calendar when the world will end. You are taking it one day at a time, one event at a time...enjoying the journey and the blessings each day brings - Smile and Hugs!