Saturday, May 21, 2011

Straight From The Heart Blogger Award

Every one is talking about the world coming to an end today - they are not serious but what if it really happens? I do not want to leave this world before I offer this "Award" to some awesome people. Every one is good in their own way. Some of us write what people like to read, some of us write about celebs and national sports and what is going on  in the political world, but some people are so open that I sometimes wonder as to why they are not journalists? Or are they?

Belle  for Tales from a loser who sometimes is a winner.
Michael for SCL Kismet
Tracy for My Thoughtful Spot
Foot Print Of Peace for Step Parents Cove
Doris for Hold My Hand
Hilary for Positive Letters
Monalisa for MonaLisa Gone Wild
NormaltoeatPB for Normal to Eat Peanut Butter

There are no rules attached to receive this award. I hope this came out OK.


Belle said...

Thank you so much, Munir! I'll put it on my blog right now! Very kind of you.
I don't believe the world will end today. Lots more has to happen first.

yaya said...

Well, the world is still here so I'm hoping that when it does end, a blogger will let us know! Congrats to the award winners!

Arti said...

It came out well!! Congrats to all the winners:)
Have a great Sunday:)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Munir .. well I'm still here and it sounds like the world is too - mind you we have thick grey cold damp cloud over us - could do with rain .. terribly short of it! It's chilly too.

I shall now thoroughly enjoy my day with a "straight from the heart" award - thank you so much .. and start a new week very happy!

Hope all is well with you - and enjoy the week ahead .. I am so grateful for your sincerity with our awards - congratulations to the others too .. Hilary

Michael Offutt said...

Thank you Munir for the award. /facepalm... I can't believe there was even a shred of doubt inside you that the world was ending.

Munir, the word is billions of years old. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies out there containing billions upon billions of stars. Chances are, there is life on other planets that we will never see because life is so vast. There could even be life within our own solar system found in other places aside from Earth. Perhaps in Europa's oceans.

My point is, that doomsday predictions are nonsense...absolute nonsense. The world isn't ending in 2012 either. I'm 100 percent sure. There's not even a shred of doubt in my mind. Now there are things that could destroy the world...asteroid collision, gamma ray burst, or perhaps even global climate change. However, numerology, sorcery, religion...these are not accurate things by which to see these things coming.

Tracy said...

Thank you so much for the award; I am truly honored...I truly am and don't know what to say other than I always wanted my blog to be something that spoke of my heart and left readers with a message or thought or beacon to follow their heart's desire...I want to leave messages of hope and words that matter in our day to day existence and just so appreciate your award. It means I'm following my heart's content...I will wave it proudly! I also can't wait to read all the rest you've acknowledged!

Monalisa said...

Hi Munir, Sorry i'm late, i was not able to blog for some weeks. i just recieved your award! I'm really very happy! I feel much honored! Thank you SO MUCH!

Vanilla Mama said...

WOW - Munir, please give us links to the blogs - we want to check them out!
So...inquiring minds want to did you spend your rapture?

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

You are a gem!!! Thanks for the award.
I've been away for a while, so busy with work, that I'm just now back to posting and of course, trying to catch up with my blogging friends.

Thank you for thinking of me.