Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get to Know Your Kids - And Kids in Your Life

Natural disasters, as nerve chilling and as devastating as they are, are not caused by human beings. Whenever lives are lost because of murders, suicides, or even an accident, we feel the hurt within our souls.
This morning news channels all over the television were saying that the suspect of the Arizona shooting from earlier this year is not fit for a trial because he is schizophrenic. His doctor says that he could see signs. I am wondering what kind of signs? Writings, or other kinds of behaviour or simply not being a young person he is? While I am not accusing anyone of not being close to their son, I am simply requesting every parent or every person who is supposed to be responsible for young people to keep a check on their kids. I do not mean that they should police them or not trust them. What I mean is that try and be close to your kids as much as possible. Trust them and allow them to trust you enough to open up and talk to you. If you find that they are somewhat sad or tense ask them in detail. Do not hesitate to take professional help if needed.
In the movie "Donnie Darko " a young man who is diagnosed with schizophrenia almost chuckles as he says "Ooo, me too," when his girlfriend tells him that her stepfather has emotional problems. He is not at all ashamed because he is getting treatment. The movie also touches other sensitive issues that effect young people and shows the sad side of society.


TheFusionTea said...

Good message. By the way mr cruise is someone close to me, he looks like prince william:) thanks for the tea info.

Tracy said...

Hey dear...really good post! I have total compassion for individuals with mental helath issues but sometimes I wonder if some are 'real' as in this case with the man who shot Gabby...but I'm not the judge so I have to remember to leave that to others...
I thank you again for the award. I can't tell you how much it means to me!

Vanilla Mama said...

As a family member to someone with mental health issues, I know first hand how hard this can be. Getting the right help can be so difficult, even when you know there is a problem. More support and education is needed for families who have this to deal with!

Hope said...

wonderful message, and written perfectly, Munir!

thank you

Michael Offutt said...

I think I have to disagree with you on your statement "Natural disasters are not caused by human beings." I think that what you mean to say is that "most" natural disasters are not caused by human beings.

Example: A dam breaks flooding a region. This happened in my home town due to faulty engineering on the Teton Dam that caused it to have flaws which were unable to hold back the water that it was designed to hold back.

It is also "possible" that climate change caused by humans has resulted in more powerful superstorms. There is no scientific evidence that can prove this point so it remains speculation. I only bring it up because in a concrete statement such as "natural disasters are not caused by human beings" there is no room for error at all and I think there needs to be at least some wiggle room there. In other words, I think it is quite probably that natural disasters could in fact be caused or directly attributed to things that human beings do on this earth.

A brief note on mental illness: I think that psychology in general is not an exact science. It doesn't stand up to the same kind of scrutiny that math, chemistry, and physics can. Because of this, psychology becomes a loophole for people to weasel through in order to escape harsh justice for their crimes. However, at the same time, I do know that mental illness is quite real. Again...not an exact science...and because of this, it needs to be approached with care and by people qualified to assess a person's mental state so that there is no obfuscating of the facts, especially in a high-profile case such as the Arizona shooter.