Friday, March 4, 2011

Fourth of March

Please excuse me for not having a continuation of sentences in my blog today.
Whenever my husband comes in and takes a deep breath while he is hanging his coat. I know it is because he has seen someone drive very recklessly or he has been stranded in a back up because of an auto accident. Also he gets upset to see young people in GI fatigues. I ask him if he is OK.
"Yes." He barely says the word. I get upset too when I see people getting hurt when they don't have to.
We live not too far from West Point. It is hard to get into the Academy, but the facility has provided a lot of different jobs for a lot of people, from kitchen to maintenance to gardening to tour bus drivers.
There are "SUNY" colleges not too far from where we live and sometimes we see young people in army fatigues.
The Purple Heart Hall of Fame is just around the bend on the way to the airport.
When my husband sits down to write a check for donation, his hand picks up the letter from the American disabled veterans.
"At least they came back," I say.
The public buildings in the town near by have the flags half mast. A family in that town lost their twenty three year old in Afghanistan in the beginning of this week.
Today is the fourth of the month of March. The weather man on the television said "Fourth of March, so March forth and hug a GI, it is Hug a GI Day today."

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walk2write said...

What a lovely post to honor veterans! My heart gives a little tug whenever I see one in uniform or hear one of those casualty reports on the news or see the flag flying, half-mast or not. God bless them all!