Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Did Come A Long Way

When my kids were growing up, I did not read too many books. As a matter of fact it took me forever to finish a book no matter how good it was. To me, my hobbies, my favourite foods, or my leisure had no meaning. I had heard of a lot of stories of children's accidents and disappearances. I just wanted to make sure that there were no incidences and my children grew up safe and sound. So once in a while I would pick up a good book when I went to the library with kids and then simply return it without even reading it. It was a different story with magazines. I would read almost all of the articles of not only my magazines but also the one my husband subscribed to. In some of the ladies' magazines there used to be an ad for cigarettes for ladies. It said something like this, "You have come a long way  ----".  I used to get so disgusted. Please, oh please, if a lady wants to smoke she will smoke no matter what. Why degrade Women's achievements by using our desire to do good in this world by comparing it to smoking ? Maybe it was true that women were not allowed to smoke in the past, but getting a chance to smoke does not equate to (in any manner) women's education or freedom to achieve anything worthwhile. As a matter of fact I would consider it to be a blessing in disguise if someone is not allowed to smoke.
As one blogger reminded me, women's freedom to do everything men can do, has put an extra burden on us women. Another lady who blogs reminded me that it is up to us to do what we choose to do. I am still happy to be able to choose. I love to cook for my family and it makes me happy to call them  for dinner. This is because I choose to.


Belle said...

I began reading again after my children were grown. It is hard to find time when you are so busy with the house, husband and kids! But I am enjoying my reading times now.

Flora said...

What thought provoking posts you have here!!! I'm thankful and grateful for choices in life and an understanding dh never hurts!!!

Monalisa said...


i have no kids yet, but i once told my husband i'll go on some course when i'm pregnant i'll so bored then, NOTHING to do.. He was laughing like hell.. then i knew its not easy like that. moulding your offspring starts right from pregnancy. sometimes you can't even read, as i learnt from my pregnant aunt who would nauseate if she concentrates on something.

When i have kids, God willing, i intent to put all my time into bringing them up. if i have one raised up well, it'll be the greatest achievement of my life.

Nice post munir

VR Barkowski said...

I absolutely agree with you, being able to choose is paramount. Each choice we make leads to a different set of responsibilities. I do have some issues with the fact that certain choices are less respected than others. For example, should a woman who chooses to be a doctor, deserve more respect than a woman who chooses to stay in the home and raise her children as a full-time mother? All choices are not equal.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Great reflection, Munir. Women's achievements go beyond being allowed to smoke. That was a tasteless ad, in my opinion.

I'm thankful for living in countries and societies where women have choices.