Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Everywhere

"It is buy one get one free fish fillet sandwitch until lent is over, you know" said my husband. He can use any excuse for fast food.
"It is not even a week," I said making a face.
"Yes it is, we had Sal's Pizza last Thursday, and Sal's is not fast food, not technically." He had a face like a kid who just lost his puppy. I had to give in. Why do I do that? I don't know. Maybe it is the fact that we run into people, some familiar faces, some new, so I guess it is ok. Plus it is fish.
There were more cars than usual. I guess bargains are good. A nice young man who was heading for his break held the door for us. I noticed that he had a big buckle on his belt that said IRISH in green on silver and he had a green  folded handkerchief  in his shirt pocket. I wished him "Happy Saint Patrick's Day." He smiled and wished me back. Then we went in and on the line by the ordering counter there were some people wearing green. I just smiled.
As I sat down telling my husband that the second fish fillet will be ready in a couple of minutes, I noticed that a lady was wearing a beautiful tunic that was moss green and had hunter green sequences all over the front. I went to her and gave her a compliment and wished her Happy Saint Patrick's Day. She wished me back and said that the tunic was a gift from her sister who orderd it for her from a catalog. Then she pointed to the guy with the green handkerchief who was now behind the french fries burner. She said, "Too bad he can wear only that much green, his uniform you know." I smiled and just nodded. I knew what she meant. When I worked I was lucky for not having to wear uniforms. I then wished that I did. It was hard keeping up with the expense of business attire. I was just glad that I had a job.Then on special days people in the maintainence crew always said how lucky we were to be able to wear what ever we wanted and they just had to wear uniforms. So I would just vaguely smile. I was not about to complain. Then I noticed that the young man came out from behind the french fries burner to collect the empty tray and for a moment put the trays down and using both his hand pulled up his pants and ran his hand on the belt buckle. That made me and the lady in the green tunic very happy.


Michael Offutt said...

Sal' you live in Chicago? Great story...thanks for sharing.

Monalisa said...

Its true. Not having to wear uniform makes us feel free towards our work. I never wore uniform on work and so levels didn't matter in our office.