Thursday, April 11, 2013

A to Z Challenge


I am finally able to convince my husband that it is about time that we understand that people do what they want to do in life.  There is no point in classifying jobs as his or hers. I think we should do what we do best. One of my brothers likes to cook and I say all the power to him. I like to cook and sew but I also like to paint the walls. I once put new tiles on the kitchen floor while my husband was asleep. He was surprised as he was going to call a professional to do it. I used vinyl tiles and they were peel off and sticky type. He wondered how I found out about them. I told him that I have no qualms about doing any kind of task. I just have to be fit to do it. I was a stay at home mom then and was feeling that I needed to do more than just raising kids. I also wanted to set an example for trying to do what we like to do.These days when you go to apply for a job, people do ask you what your hobbies are as they want to understand the non-job related aspect of your life as well. 

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The Job situation today is tougher than ever even in America. Working as a vendor audit for a company that sells Jeans and T-Shirts for three to four times higher price than the average cost was not what I had in mind as a job. I took the job because the company found me to be a good candidate and the benefits were great. We all have dreams when we are kids, but sometimes it just so happens that what we dream of does not get handed out to us. Meanwhile we can see if we can do what is out there, as long as it is within our capacity and is safe.



Launna said...

Don't give up on your dreams Munir... you never know when the right job might pop up for you.


Shelly said...

Good for you in getting the tile work done! That's a big accomplishment!

And I second what Launna said- don't quit your dreams. It's never too late!

Kate OMara said...

As a girl I just wanted to be a mom. Everything is just everything else.

klahanie said...

Hi Munir,

I wish you well in a pursuit of a job that truly suits you.

These days, there's a lot of frustrating job situations, or lack of. My human's son is a qualified civil engineer. In the last six years, he has only worked for a few months on jobs that have nothing to do with his skills. Virtually everything these days in Britain goes through dubious job agencies. These are challenging times.

Pawsitive wishes for a pleasant weekend.

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

Ruth said...

Very few people are blessed enough to land their dream job.
Lots of things around the house are done by either my husband or myself. Certain things, he still thinks of as his job. Like tilling the garden. I have done it and it surprised him because the tiller is very heavy. But, I am capable.

Joy V. Smith said...

Good J post, and I love your illustrations! And I'm impressed by the way you insert the word into the post.

yaya said...

I had taken all business courses in High School and took a summer job as a nurses aide in surgery until I could find a job I wanted in the business field. 40yrs and more schooling later, I'm still in the operating room and loving my dream? Well, not exactly but I figure God put it in front of me for a reason! He was right!

Stephanie Hasty said...

i hope that within the job you find that your dreams are not that far away.

here's my I post: