Monday, April 22, 2013

A to Z Challenge

A TO Z OF RESOURCE MANAGEMENT In one of the Hindi epics a very intelligent princess loses a contest of intelligence and knowledge to someone who did not go to school at all. The reason was that he was home schooled  and he learned things that a lot of scholars usually neglect to teach people. He was a poet and also some what mystical and looked at the world from an angle other than that of people who are into building fortune and who want to go to school to build future rather than to learn. The question that made him win was "Next to God what can we rely on?" The poet answered "Our five senses."

I came to realize how important our nervous system and our five senses are after I saw my mom suffer from stroke. Right then I had promised myself that I will take my medicine very regularly. Well not everything is in our hands and unlike the poet says a lot can happen to us without any fault of ours but I do understand the value of my nervous system even though I am not a science person.

Speaking of Science people, in the show "Big Bang Theory" Sheldon does not believe in giving presents, but when told that presents are social obligation he agrees to give one to a friend. We always believed that social responsibility on our part is a resource for others and vice versa. Also it becomes our social responsibility to help some of us who are not able to use any of our five senses.                                   


klahanie said...

Hi Munir,

Firstly, apologies for getting behind in attempting to comment. My human is so exhausted that I'm taking over commenting.

You understand the value of taking care of yourself. Indeed, you are most grateful of your five senses. And if you can be there for someone who doesn't have all their senses, that is human quality at its finest.

Be well and I wish your beloved daughter, much fulfilment in the blogging world.

Pawsitive wishes,

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar :)

Launna said...

We definitely need to take care of ourselves and help out others who do not have some or most of their five senses :)

yaya said...

In my job I get to help others regain use of their bodies in different ways. It's best to take as good care of ourselves as possible so hopefully visiting my work place won't be necessary! I always feel bad when I don't use my senses to the best of my ability..especially when I see others who have handicaps and do so much better than me. I'm humbled. However, I sometimes feel like I have a 6th sense and wish I could turn it in for something more useful!

Shelly said...

We do have that responsibility to be good stewards of our bodies and if we fulfill that, we will enjoy those five senses for a long time. I was born completely deaf in one ear, so it makes me all the more appreciative of the senses I do have.

Chatty Crone said...

Did you know that there are seven senses? And I think they portray Sheldon as idiot servant - extremely high level autism. I do like that show. sandie

DWei said...

There's actually way more than 5 senses. Maybe even over 20 if I'm correct. Balance, spatial awareness, and temporal awareness are some of the ones I can recall off the top of my head.