Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z Challenge


My childhood memories of Nature Study resonates with these words: "We need natural resources not only to live but to be healthy and to have dignity of life."  As a little girl I would tell my grandmother what we learned in school. She would then confirm that what we learned was true. Sometimes she would add some wisdom of her own, like how we should be thankful for what we are given. My mom and I always remembered her words whenever we got together especially after my mom started getting different health problems. She also said that not being healthy is like cutting short on the supply of resources. When she had a stroke I realized that our Health is a resource in itself.  

We use natural resources to keep healthy and in turn health becomes a resource in itself.  I am hoping that when we understand our health issues, life will become easy for us. Some people say that the health care industry will not be happy with people who take good care of themselves as their services will not be needed that much. To them I say that people who have invested their money in the health care industry will have to do with smaller profits. 


Launna said...

I agree Munir, we should take care of ourselves so that we do not have access the health care... Our lives would be so much richer :)

Ruth said...

I have a lot of issues with the pharmaceutical industry and insurance and doctors. They do have their place, but it seems like the whole thing is about treating the symptoms and not the cause. Eat and do what you want because there is pill for that.

Shelly said...

It's difficult to enjoy any of the other riches life brings if we don't have our health, and I fully agree with you.

Joy V. Smith said...

Btw, I meant to add that I like the way you include today's word in your post.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Munir .. health is so important - as is wisdom from our elders! Memories too ..

Looking after ourselves and all around us, as well as the natural world ... with all it offers us ..

Cheers Hilary

yaya said...

As a health care worker I don't want to be unemployed, but I feel pretty confident that won't happen. Almost all of the surgeries we do are result of bad health habits. Getting medical attention is going to be a problem for future generations when insurance issues and age determine whether or not someone gets care.The best investment you can make is getting as healthy as you can. Then I can retire!