Friday, April 1, 2011

Focus:- A to Z Challenge

A Tribute to letter A


It has been almost a week since I blogged about anything. First couple of days I felt weird. Then I kind of got used to not writing. I was reading a lot of blogs and commenting on some but the thought of writing was making me feel guilty.  I do not want to neglect my husband. For some reason I felt that by having my own thing I was neglecting him.  I was practically lying on the living room sofa and watching television shows that I don't even like, the ones I would never watch if my husband did not watch them. Then I told myself that this is going to make me dislike him and I do not want to pick a fight with him, especially when it was my choice. So I decided to write. Also I could not disconnect my self from Internet, there are so many exciting things happening for example this A to Z challenge.
I chose A for Age or rather Age for A. I have a lot of reasons for that, as a matter of fact sixty years. My elders used to say that experience comes with age whenever I made a mistake whether it was cooking or sewing or any other task. Parents and grandparents are awesome. To them even mistakes we make look cute. Now that I am a grandma, no mistake of my grand kids is a mistake. Exactly! what mistake?

Seriously though, I came to an understanding that there are some people much younger than me who have more experience in life than I do. So, you think that I should have waited till I got to letter E for writing about experiences of life. I could have. This thing called age has been working on my nerves though. So I thought that I would write about it.

It is not all the time that I  am bothered about age itself. I did not feel getting old. May be I am just lucky. I know my father was strictly against letting us do any of the housework. He used to say that once I am married and have my own life, I would have a lot of work to do. So he spared me my energy and all I had to do was study and keep up with my grades. My friends and coworkers think that it was not a good thing because I should have been experienced enough for real life. It took me less than a week to learn everything about housekeeping.  Cooking - I learned from recipes in my head. My friends look at my hands and say that they are still soft. They ask me my secret. I tell them that I had twenty years less dish washing to do than them. They say that they envy me for my soft hands in spite of my age.

What bothers me about this thing called age is that we have certain expectations and certain standards that we go by. Why? OK, OK I got that a little too out of line. What I mean is that if a person does not pass high school by a certain age, he is not happy with himself, or his folks are not happy because society has set some standards. Don't get me wrong, I am all for education, but don't make that guy feel horrible, when in actuality a couple of years' difference will not make a difference in the big picture of life, while breaking a young heart will make a difference when it comes to self-esteem.  Same thing about living with parents. It is actually smart, I would say, to live with your parents, earn some money, get some college credits and when you feel secure financially and emotionally, by all means be independent. Do not set an age and do not copy others.
One more thing about age is the saying "Today's sixties are like yesterday's fifty's and today's fifties are like yesterday's forty's and so forth. What the  - I mean why should we have to look like we are fifty when in actuality we are sixty. I am for eating healthy and exercising, but not for any special diet just because of looks. I know that if I take care of myself today, I will be healthy( unless I get a teminal illness) and that in turn can make me look good. I do not feel like spending tons of money because people my age want to look ten years younger because times have changed. Cultures and society standards will change, but if we set hard core standards they will probably make us age faster than the standards of our ancestors did to them. They had high standards too, but in values. People did not have to have more things than they could afford just because they were of a certain age.


NormalToEatPB said...

More experiences does not mean better experiences. You've read my blog - I would take quality over quantity any day! :)

Belle said...

My husband likes to watch TV too, but I would rather blog and read. What can you do?
I agree with you about age. We should let our children bloom the way they were meant to. One of my girls dropped out of high school, but she took business courses later and had some fantastic jobs. The last job she had paid $70,000 per year. Some kids need a break before they finish school.
I am 61 and there are lots of things I like that people might not think a 61 year old would like. We should all be free to be ourselves, at whatever age that is.

Michael Offutt said...

I like to think of age in terms of physics...a person that is older has simply gone around the sun a few more times than myself.

Footprints of Peace said...

Wow! Great blog! It makes me think. :-)

Arlee Bird said...

The other day my wife got upset with me because I was blogging too much. I asked her what else she thought I should do: Watch TV? Read? Hang out with friends? Go to bars? The conversation ended when she didn't have a better answer. As long as we're doing something that helps us to enjoy our lives and that we feel is productive, shouldn't we be able to?

I keep getting older, but I hope I never become old and non-productive and forgotten.

Nice post, Munir.

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Donna said...

Yes, I'm 60 too...and at an age when my parents retired. Now know I'll be working probably at least another 10 60 has to be younger and better than ever before! It's all good except I am much more tired than ever and do I ever have aches and pains sometimes!!

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

This is a great post. Working with elderly has been the most wonderful opportunity for me to appreciate age, and treasure all the neat stories and words of wisdom I hear from them. A lot of my close friends are older than me, and I love it. I like it because I feel so much peacefulness around them. No competition, no jealousy. Instead, true friendship.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my story :-)


Tracy said...

I too thought that I was neglecting my husband when I started blogging but it actually has added quality to our relationship because we have different outlets. Yes, experience comes with age; hurray for that!
Keep blogging, you have wonderful things to say!
Happy A to Z!!!

yaya said...

I found that I was doing the "blogging thing" a bit more than was probably good, so I cut back, took some time to talk to hubby and we chat about the blog too. He reads mine and enjoys the comments and we find a common ground there. But we don't love every activity together and that's what makes us more interesting, and also individuals. Balance is a key to most things in life. Age is relevant...I see many people having surgery who are younger than me but look and have issues that make them 20yrs older! And visa versa so to speak...I think so much pressure is off you when you are older. Been there done that, bought the lets get on with living! This post is wonderful, and very thoughtful. Thanks!

Tyler said...

Blogging is good for the soul much like music. If you don't express yourself what else is there for you to do? Well, do what you can. You should only be expected to do what you are able to do.

As an individual your experiences are different from everyone else's and you shouldn't have to conform to everyones expectations.

flowers on my table said...

I am new to blogging and my husband says I blogg too much. However the alternative is like with your husband... watch t.v, he likes sport and politics, I do not, its not much of an alternative! I feel like I am back at school, except I don't have to follow what teacher says, I can learn about anything at all I am interested in. I think the prospect of that is way too exciting to exchange for t.v. watching. Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, it is much appreciated, Linda x