Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z Challenge

A Tribute to the letter I

Issues and Ice Cream

Last night when I told my daughter that I would like to blog about Ice Cream for the letter I, she seemed very excited. "I wonder who invented Ice Cream?" I asked.
"Someone awesome," she said happily.
I am sure it must have been someone really really nice to come up with some thing like ice cream. Whether it was Marco Polo who brought the formula from somewhere around the world or it were people from Europe in 1600, or the people who commercialized ice cream in the mid-1800s, they must have been people who wanted to make people happy. There is nothing but goodness in ice cream. I mean look at the ingredients  - - - like Breyers Ice Cream always advertises, milk, sugar, ice, and sometimes fruit. At least I grew up eating ice cream like that and we didn't even have a refrigerator . I still can taste the ice cream my father made in the old fashion clunky ice cream maker, the ice cream we couldn't wait for and the ice cream we watched being formed (milk slowly turning into creamy sweetness.)  I would trade the store bought ice cream box of half gallon anytime for the ice cream we had as children. That made everyone happy, whether they were kids or kids at heart.

So, next time the people in the House or the Senate are fixated on a problem, they should take a break, have a scoop or two of their favourite flavour of ice cream, then maybe we will not have to be on our toes about the government getting shut down.

My daughter thinks if the world leaders were to have ice cream , there probably would  be no wars.

I think that if people had ice cream instead of coffee every morning before they go to work, they will be easy on fellow drivers on their way.

As for now, I think, you can take your little one for an ice cream cone, if his big brother is teasing him.


Tracy said...

We were defintiely on the same wave length for this letter! can't beat ice cream for the letter 'i' :)

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

This is the fourth **I is for Ice Cream post I read today... you can't go wrong with ice cream--vanilla for me, please! :-))


Belle said...

Ice cream and watermelons are my favorite foods! Favorite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip.

Vanilla Mama said...

ICE CREAM - Totally Same Wavelength! -Was almost ICK for raising three boys into potty humor- I forgot to mention homemade ice cream my dad made - I wil have to add that in! Thank Munir, you are one I would love to get to know better!

Michael Offutt said...

I love ice cream and also frozen yogurt. My standby favorite though is the ice cream sundae topped with hot fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry. Delicious.

Monalisa said...

I love ice cream, but ummm.. i don't think it'll be very healthy substituting morning coffee with it. Anyways, world leaders should have ice cream, that was a good idea ! :)