Friday, April 29, 2011

A to Z Challenge

A Tribute to the letter "Y"

Last night on the TV show "Community," Pierce, the elderly student, wants to learn things that younger people do. I think a lot of us elderly folks do want to learn things that young people do, because a lot of times young people do neat things, or rather cool things. Some of my friends and relatives who are my age complain that young people don't care for the elderly, they don't show enough respect. I disagree with them.  I never had a problem with younger generation. If you leave them alone they are fine. The thing with respect is that you have to show respect first before you expect any from anybody.
The show "Community" is carried by young people who I can say fall into "Generation Y." They work hard. They mind their own business and their perspective is different because they don't stick to any one culture or one stream of thinking. They like to be open minded and like to take good from everywhere, hence they may become friends with someone you would not guess they would hang out with.
From being individualistic, tech savvy, ambitious, and flexible, Gen Y-ers are good in balancing money and time at the same time not neglecting values. The Millennials may take their time and seem cold, but any responsibility they take they do their best to fulfill. They could never be apathetic. No wonder the three young actors who play Annie, Abed, and Troy carry the show.
Today my husband woke up before five in the morning to watch the Royal Wedding. However he was puzzled to have missed the word "obey" from the wedding wows. He was surprised when I told him that Kate Middleton did not want the word "obey". He asked why. I said that she is "Gen Y". She would not utter something if she did not believe .
One character that will always come in the picture when you speak of Generation Y will be Jaye Tyler on Wonderfalls. There is even an episode where she is referred to as quintessential  Gen Y-er.


Janie B said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Aging is no fun thing, huh? I do lots of puzzles, too. Hope that helps. Hope you will visit again. Janie B

Monalisa said...

Generation Y is interesting ! I think many young people now belong to this category. And as about wanting to learn what kids do, my mother always gets the kids classics regularly at home so she doesn't even miss one. yes, learning with kids got lots into keeping us going, sometimes the smarter way.

yaya said...

I was surprised your hubby actually got up early to watch the wedding! Good for him! The word "obey" was also not uttered by Princess Di...Kate followed suit, I believe as a tribute to Diana. It was such a fun wedding to watch! I thought everyone looked beautiful and very happy. Maybe there will be a "happily ever after".

Ocean Girl said...

I pray for happily ever after because they are young and in love. We were all once young and now young at heart:) I really like your Y.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. How time changes everything.....

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Transition between generations is not an easy process. This is a very nice reflection. It makes it more challenging for people like me in their 40's, we are not elderly yet, but we are not young either. We are the sandwich :-))

I'm waiting for your Z... and we will say: "We made it!"

It has been a fun A to Z challenge, and especially, getting to know more about you and your blog. Thanks for following my stories, and for your kind comments. They have been greatly appreciated.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Munir .. I like the thought of Generation Y - and the fact the kids need time to adjust to their life, and their take will be very different from ours ..

Well done for getting to Y - and I know Z is not far away ..

Glad your hubby enjoyed the Wedding .. even if he didn't approve of 'obey' being left out .. they seem to have a very together approach - which is wonderful to see.

Cheers .. Hilary