Monday, April 18, 2011

A to Z Challenge

A tribute to the letter "O"

Marguerite,the process coordinator at the beauty shop always used to call me a pessimist. She said that I always look for sad things, things that are discouraging and people who suffer. I always used to tell her that I do not do that on purpose. It is just that when someone is sad, I cannot laugh and joke and believe that I did not see that person. I am not looking for discouraging things, but I cannot close my eyes when disturbing things happen. That does not make me a pessimist. It makes me a realist. Then I started doubting myself. Will I ever be an Optimist?  So, I decided that I will become an optimist. Whether I notice more sad things than things that one can enjoy, or whether I give attention to underdogs, my point from now on will be not only to make a sad person feel better, but give them hope. I started with one of my coworkers who always used to put herself down and thought that she could not get (in spite of working hard) what her sister can get without even trying because she was pretty. So I wrote her a poem.

Go getter

Don't rob yourself of happiness
Don't be upset at every thing
In this ever changing world
Take with a smile what life can bring

With eyebrows up and a frowning face
With fire in your eyes
Don't hide your smile in attitude
Don't trade the truth with lies

Hardships may seem like a trap
But you are not there to stay
Look around and you will find
A sure promising way

And when you come out of this trap
And learn to fight your way out
Then may be you can help some one
Smile and clear their doubt

I have to thank  Marguerite, who made me think and then decide that I will not stop just at looking at sad situation, but help people get out of there.


Hope said...

wonderful! very positive and powerful message!

Michael Offutt said...

It reminds me of a line from the movie, "Vanilla Sky" where Penelope Cruz says to Tom Cruise, "Every passing second is another opportunity to turn it all around."

Vanilla Mama said...

Very nice poem and I hope that she takes it to heart. I don't necessarily think it is bad to notice when people are sad it means that you have EMPATHY - your own E word! The fact that you try to help them through it makes you lovely.

NormalToEatPB said...

Optimism :) I need more of it

Footprints of Peace said...

Great blog! I never viewed you as such, perhaps its because I only know you through your writings, but isn't our writings viewed as windows to our souls? Again, great blog.