Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A to Z Challenge

A tribute to the letter  " V "
In second grade Nature Study class we were told that  Brinjal (a kind of eggplant) was a fruit. When I told this to our nanny, she accused my school of teaching us wrong things because we know that eggplants are vegetables. When my mom came back from work she explained to all of us that there is a plant science called Botany and according to that science there are different parts of a plant. Therefore a vegetable can fall under the group of fruits if it is carrying seeds or it can be a leaf, a stem, root or even seeds. Growing up in a home where we grew our own vegetables was taken for granted in most families. Here in New York we feel lucky when we have the  right weather for even a few vegetables a year. I try to buy local as much as possible.

Whether you grow your own vegetables or buy from a super market or farm market, please make it a habit to serve your familiy at least four fruits or vegetables a day.


Footprints of Peace said...

I am so guilty. Downright shameful. I did not serve my children enough veggies when they were little. Now, it is hard to get them to eat fresh veggies. I know it is important but I just never did for whatever reasons. I will try a little harder to fix veggies. My husband will thank you! Good post.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Munir .. vegetables are so important - I too was lucky growing up as we grew all our own fruit and veg and I'd love to do the same now - but I buy fresh all the time .. very good 'V' .. Cheers Hilary

Vanilla Mama said...

Veggies are so imporatant and I am guilty of not eating enough - spring is a gret time to change that thought!

Monalisa said...

at our apartment, we used to grow a lot of vegetables because we have a farmer living there. He used to grow simply lots of them in so few space that he got. He grew one after another according to season and soil. We used to reap so much we didn't know what to do with so much vegetables. Now he's moved to his hometown but we are doing our best to have a good vegetable garden. Anyhow, yes, vegetables do constitute most of our diet when it is me cooking.