Monday, April 4, 2011

Focus A to Z Challenge

C is for Concerns and Cookies

"Goodnight my dear", said Grandpa tucking the little boy under the covers
"Grandpa?" the little boy lifted his head. "Can one place be at two different places?"
"What do you mean?" asked Grandpa, turning on the light and looking in the eyes of his grandson.
"You are saying that there is an imaginary place where there is love for people but Grandma says that there is a place deep down in our hearts where there is love for people" said the little boy.
"Yes" said Grandpa, "It is possible for one place to be at two places at the same time." The little boy looked happy, there were no more questions in his eyes, his eyelids were heavy with sleep. "Goodnight my boy" said Grandpa tucking him again. "Goodnight Grandpa" said the little boy. When the little boy grew up he was a balanced man who cared for people.

In the living room of a couple we knew, there was a plaque with a framed message that said "Children become what they see". Also I heard that the couple was really racist. Then it made me wonder if they sold a plaque that said "Children become what they hear"

In an episode of the television show "The Wonder Years" Kevin notices that his father gets tense when he finds out that his mother has started a new hobby. At the end of the show, his dismay turns into reassurance when he sees that his father goes to comfort his mother when she burned herself with a hot iron.

"We are human beings just like you guys, don't you fight with your siblings?" the milkman's wife was yelling. I asked my Mom why she was like that. My Mom said that she was not being civil. I was not satisfied with her answer. I am still looking for answers. What kind of behavior should a couple adopt when it comes to fights and differences? Some people say be natural, some say sugar coat and some say tell chidren to go to their room.

How do we raise a child to be confident and still not be over confident? We want them to be nice to everyone and not hurt and tease anyone, right?

What do we do about "Barbie dolls " coming with their feet shaped like they should be wearing high heals?

What do we do about Kid's Beauty Pageants?

Cookies are good. Yum !!!
Wait--- What ?
Well --- we can try healthier recipes, with no transfat, no hydrogenated fats less saturated fats and keep the dietary needs and food allergies in mind. OK, I agree, fruits are great. Make cookies an occasional treat, but cookies are still very nice!


Michael Offutt said...

I would say to read lots of parenting books. One of my favorites is by Professor Amy Chua who teaches at Yale. Here's a link to the Wall Street Journal article featuring her advice:

yaya said...

Children need and want guidelines. I think it's wise to give them early in life and be consistent. I also don't subscribe to the "do as I say, not as I do"...children need us to be an example. It's hard to say don't smoke if we do. We need to show kindness and tolerance to our significant others as well as our neighbors and our children. As for cookies...make them chocolate chip and all will be well!

Belle said...

I used to ask myself these questions. I wanted them to be confident, but not too proud. I wanted them to be kind to everyone. I did praise them for the good things they did, and when they were little any time they weren't kind I tried to teach them it was wrong.

I guess that is all you can do, teach them what is right, and give them love and praise.

Vanilla Mama said...

I truly believe that children reflect how they are treated...if a child is treated with love, they will show love, if a child is talked down to or berated...they are more beligerent. Nice post -

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

This is a thought-provoking post. Many interesting questions, and reflections. Raising children is not the easiest job in the world. I always wonder where's the balance. You don't want to protect them too much so that they can learn to be independent, but you don't want to see them leaving the nest either...

Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment. Your daughter's opinion about cursing is very clever. I'm sure the fine young lady learned wisdom and common sense from her smart mom :-))


Ocean Girl said...

When it comes to parenting I think there are many guidelines but definitely parenting by example is key.