Thursday, November 18, 2010

America the beautiful, smoke free someday?

Tomorrow is my sisterin-law's birthday. I suggested that my brother give her a gift of a promise, a promise to quit smoking. A long time ago he started smoking. I regret not being there in my parents' house when he got this nasty habit. A good looking young man, got a job as a model and a distributor of handing cigarette samples to young people. What a horrible job. Yet he took it and nobody stopped him? I was already in England at that time. I came to know about his smoking when he was well into the habit for about four or  five years. Still he could have quit, but he did not. This made me realize what a bad addiction it has been. Today he is retired. His kids are devastated because they know that smoking has claimed so many lives.
Today is the Great Smoke Out of 2010. Let us make it a point not only to help people stop smoking but also to deter people from starting. May be it will take another century or even over a century, before there will be no smokers at around, because the tobacco industry is a business and businesses do not give in. It may seem like an uphill climb, a losing battle but if there is enough education and willpower and less peer pressure we can achieve our goal of helping everyone quit. This is a beautiful world and people should not have to die if they can help.

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