Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kids, Celebrities and Smiles

In high school, as well as in college, we were told that there is always a balancing force in this world. Disasters happen so construction and maintenance sector gets jobs, accidents happen so auto body repair shops get work and some people even go on to say that sickness happens so medical and nursing professions can make a living. We were told that there is always a competition between good and bad. However my father always said that if we keep on doing good deeds, bad people will not have a chance. "Well, we will need a lot of super humans now won't we?" I used to ask.
"No, it is us humans who have to take the responsibilities of doing good. Those of us who are fortunate enough to spare money, time and energy should do our best and offer to share the bounties we have been given," he would say without a blink.
This past weekend, in Los Angeles, some young people, a few older people and the members of the cast of the TV show "Chuck" proved to be no less than super human,by having a fundraiser for Operation Smile,which helps change the lives of kids born with cleft palates. In exchange for donations for Operation Smile fans got to hang out with the cast. Everyone there was a perfect example of those who will keep trying to make others happy.

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